48 Aspen Staff Tested Negative of COVID-19

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All staff at Aspen Medical International, where one of the earlier tested positive cases in Sierra Leone was reported to have come from, have now tested negative of COVID-19.

According to Kadie-Yatta Kallon, Head of Operations/Clinic Manager, AMI Healthcare formally Aspen Medical, after their local partner and Medical Director Dr. Nellie Bell tested positive of the COVID-19, all staff at Aspen agreed to go on quarantine immediately at the clinic and later authorities were called upon to take their next steps.

“We are very pleased to let the public know that after 14 days in quarantine and our last contact date with Dr. Bell which was 26th March 2020, a total of all forty-eight employees inclusive of foreign expats, full time local staff, part time consultants and 6 outsourced security staff of Pendrax were all tested negative of the COVID-19.” Kallon informed.

She went on to say: “And until this day all staff are still very healthy with no signs or symptoms consistent to COVID-19. Contrary to rumours that some nurses or the 11 new cases last week who tested positive are from Aspen and are contacts of Dr Nellie.”

She said all information regarding all staff, and patients who came to the clinic in the past two weeks before Dr. Bell was tested positive was presented to the MOHs team. The head of operations/clinic manager went on that they willingly submitted to the MOHs Disease Surveillance team all files of patients who were in the clinic for the whole of March and that this included paediatric patients who saw Dr Bell, visa medical applicants and other patients who consulted with the other General Practitioners and the Paramedic.

Kadie-Yatta Kallon concluded that this only means that all accusations going around social media are indeed fake and evil weapons geared towards bringing down the reputation of the company and Dr Bell herself.

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