6 Alleged Murderers Re-located

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By Mohamed Kai

Six alleged murderers have been re-located to the Male Correctional Centre at Pademba Road, on the orders of Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay adjudicating over the High Court No.2 at Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown.

The six alleged killers are facing one count on Murder, contrary to Law.

The State claims that Francis Mafinda, Dennis Holland, Lahai Lawrence Amara, Abassie Sesay, Mukeh Foh and David Williams conspired with other persons unknown to murder Albert Madinson Bio during an initiation ceremony of members of the KLYmax Social Club at Fourh Bay College, within the Freetown Judicial District in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

All six all alleged murderers had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

But when the matter came up for hearing before Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay, he could not proceed with the trial of the six alleged murderers, due to the non-appearance of the State Prosecutor, Barrister Adrian Fisher.

The adjudicating judge also noticed that  the Lead Counsel for six of the alleged killers, Lawyer Augustine Marrah, and Lawyer Ibrahim Tommy were absent in court.

As a result, Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay noted that he would have been a happy man, if the State Prosecutor had closed his case, so as to enable the defense to open it argument.

He further noted that he dislikes adjourning such matter, considering the progress so far made, coupled with the challenges involved in getting a full quorum of jurors.

The presiding judge concluded that since the prosecution and the defense failed to appear and continue with the matter, he has no alternative but to adjourn the matter.

Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay then ordered that all six alleged murderers be re-located to the country’ maximum detention Centre at Pademba Road in the western part of Freetown.

The matter comes up again on Wednesday 22nd April 2020.       

In a separate development, Hon. Justice Ivan Sesay has discharged one Saffa Shylok Owarra who was facing two count indictments for lack of evidence.

Saffa Shylok Owarra was alleged to have conspired with unknown individuals to commit the offences of Felony and Larceny.

Police had also accused innocent Saffa Shylok Owarra of stealing eighty timber logs, valued at Sixteen Million Leones, whilst in custody of Tejan Jalloh.

The court gathered that since the matter was committed to High Court for trial back in July 2017, the prosecution never brought forward a single to testify.

Saffa Shylok Owarra was prosecuted by Barrister J.S Tucker from the Law Officer’s Department.

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