“Judiciary Has Failed Sierra Leone”- Hon. Bah

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By Joseph Johnson

Leader of the main Opposition in parliament, Hon Chernor R.M. Bah alias Chericoco has said the Judiciary has abandoned their cases for over a year now since they appealed against a High Court verdict that nullified the votes of ten of their members of parliament replacing nine of them with the runners-up in the 2018 general elections while one seat still remains vacant for re-run.

Hon. Chernor Bah said they appealed within the stipulated time of four months as enshrined in the 1991 Constitution but that the cases have not been dealt with within the stipulated time frame as allowed by law even though they have been following and followed up on these cases as recent as 31st May this year but lamented that nothing has been done.

“We had hoped that the Court of Appeal again pursuant to the constitution would have dealt with and finished with those appeals within four months. But again they failed us, and they have failed the people of Sierra Leone.” Hon. Bah noted that they are not expecting any excuses from the judiciary, emphasizing that the constitution is straight-forward and that it is mandatory that the cases should last for four months in the High Court.

“They have failed to do that; again for the appeals, they should have been completed within four months but they have failed to do that,” Hon. Bah maintained. He added that he does not know what law they are operating under. He added: “it is a shame that we are still waiting for a decision from the judiciary. What the judiciary is doing now is not what the 1991 Constitution says and we are expecting them to act pursuant to the constitution to have dealt with and disposed of those appeals within the four months period. But they have failed us,” he lamented.

Hon. Chernor Bah however stated that as Members of Parliament they will continue to support the party and follow the rule of law. He reiterated that they are expecting the judiciary to respect the rule of law by ensuring they do their job while they continue to follow the rule of law by exonerating themselves. Hon. Chernor Bah who is the leader of the main opposition went on to say there is more to be done in the judiciary, stressing  that the confidence in the judiciary is at an all-time low even lower that what used to obtain under the one party state.

When reached for their side of the story, the judiciary did not respond even though we waited for three hours. Even calls and text messages were not responded to but we will still reserve space for an opportunity for the judiciary to reply.

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