AYV TV is a television station aimed at the young people of Sierra Leone and elsewhere. We aim to provide visual entertainment and information needs to the largest section of the Sierra Leonean population- the youth (ages 16-45). With our mix of news, sports, entertainment, music, reality t.v. and talk show AYV is set to dominate the viewing market, especially given our emphasis on locally generated content by Sierra Leonean producers.

Currently, most TV viewed in Sierra Leone is either foreign or from other African countries (Nigeria, Ghanaian etc.). Whilst this has legitimate popularity it lacks the direct cultural and anthropological efficacy that AYVTV offers.


Our radio station 101.6 is a great tool utilized by our young crew to discuss current issues and to address social matters that affect our community. We have been going strong since 2011 as we explore while pushing the media button to defy the notion that we must be spoken for- This station allows us to divert from such an ideology and frees us to have a voice in a setting that usually promotes the ideology that the young should be seen not heard. Our radio station is our means of using our voice in a positive way to affect the change we so desperately seek in our communities.

Our listening audience crosses across the board in Sierra Leone. Reaching even the remote villages upcountry. We are big on getting feedback from our audience and enjoy their daily participation on our shows as they call in from all parts of the country.


Our print media covers a wide variety of services with the best material and competitive prices in the country. We are also the printing center for our newspaper and other newspapers in the country. We provide brochures, posters, t-shirts, flyers and other services to name a few. Our young team of workers are extremely passionate about their tasks

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