Accused Confirms Killing Biological Mother

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By Mohamed Kai

A former military officer of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Dauda Sesay is still facing trial in the High Court of Sierra Leone for allegedly killing his biological mother, Yeali Sesay at Grafton in the outskirt of Freetown.

The accused person, Dauda Sesay is charged with the offence of Murder, contrary to the Offences against Person’s Act of 1861 of the laws of Sierra Leone.

He is alleged to have murdered his biological mother at Grafton on 11th February 2016, within the Waterloo Rural District in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

But after the charge was read and explained to the accused person in the dock, he pleaded not guilty.

But when the accused person Dauda Sesay was being tried by Hon. Justice John Bosco Allieu prior to the closure of all court proceedings in the country, as a result of the deadly coronavirus in Sierra Leone, he made confessional statement to the police after he was arrested and interrogated for the alleged murder incident.

In his statement to the police, the accused person, Dauda Sesay confirmed that he murdered his biological mother, because he noticed that whenever his mother gives him food, he would eat and later behave like abnormal person.

He further told the police in his confessional statement that but whenever his neighbors give him food, he would eat and later feel good and behave like a normal human being.

The accused person, Dauda Sesay further intimated the police that he murdered his biological mother with an old bayonet, because he noticed that she was planning to kill him.

After the accused person had murdered his biological mother, Yeali Sesay in her bedroom, he came out outside with blood all over his hands and informed his sisters and neighbors around that he had killed his mother.

The accused person further instructed his sisters and neighbors to go inside the bedroom and see what he had done to his biological mother, after which he was arrested and charged to court.

But the disappointing trend relating to the trial of Dauda Sesay is that not much has been done in ensuring an expeditious trial of the alleged murderer, due to certain lapses derailing the court process.

It is evident that in most proceedings, the court could not proceed with the trial of Dauda Sesay, due to the nonappearance of some jurors or called them Judges’ of Facts who are indispensable to the entire court proceedings.

In some instance, the prosecution or the defense lawyers could not be seen in court to proceed with the trial of Dauda Sesay, even before the Sierra Leone Judiciary put a hold on all court proceedings in the country.

It is hoped that when the court resumes a full blown proceedings in the country, some of these pending or protracted court matters including those in the upcountry would be looked into and expeditiously adjudicated in the name of justice and fair play.

During the accused person Dauda Sesay’s last court appearance, he was prosecuted by Lawyer, S. M. Bah, while the alleged murderer Dauda Sesay was defended by barrister Cecilia Tucker from the Legal Aid Board.

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