Africell Visibly Fighting COVID-19

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With COVID-19 battering the world (Sierra Leone included) there is only one Telecommunications Company in Sierra Leone which is visibly at the forefront and in the frontline, fighting the spread and to eventually conquer COVID-19. That company is Africell.

It is no secret that since COVID-19 entered Sierra Leone; Africell has been out and about making efforts at sensitizing and donating materials and equipment to health authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

It could be recalled that Africell at a well-attended press conference held in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation conference room, handed over a sizeable number of protective gears and other items to the Health Ministry.

Africell, before now, has been involved in a number of socio-economic matters aimed at elevating the status of the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

A few months ago, Africell provided seed capital to the Sierra Leone Commercial Motorbike Riders Union Le30 million (thirty million Leones) to support the Union’s constitutional review and to set up structures that will enable the bike riders to implement an MoU signed at a ceremony held at Wilberforce field between Africell management and the executive of the Bike Riders Union.

That Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Africell and the Sierra Leone Commercial Bike Riders Union was to officially make the Union members, Mobile Africell Money Agents in order to penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the communities around the country with much-needed mobile financial services; which is now greatly helping the ordinary masses during this COVID-19 pandemic.

During these difficult times when COVID-19 is ravaging many parts of the world including Sierra Leone, several precautionary measures are being implemented in an effort to combat the spread of the virus.

Africell before now demonstrated that it is the first when it comes to mobile technology and improving communication services in Sierra Leone by introducing the Electronic SIM which can only be found in places like the Americas, Europe and Asia. During this COVID-19 pandemic affecting Sierra Leone and other parts of the world, Africell has made it possible for people to be in the comfort of their homes and be able to access their bank accounts, make calls, and do many other things through the E-SIM which unlike other SIMs does not need human touch which is one of the do not do precautions in the fight against COVID-19.

At the same time, telecommunications giant Africell, is set to invest an additional $100 million to expand its network and financial services in Sierra Leone and other African countries.

Reports say this colossal amount would help fund infrastructural investments for its operations in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

All of this is demonstration of Africell’s commitment to making better the lives of Sierra Leoneans during the COVID-19 pandemic and even after COVID-19 would have been conquered with robust support from Africell.

As it targets a huge chunk of the 7.2 million Sierra Leoneans excluding hundreds of foreigners in Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone’s leading GSM operator, Africell Mobile Company is definitely on top of situation and riding high above other competitors.

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