As 5 inmates and 2 prison officers killed at prison riot; Over 3,120 Bags of Rice Burnt at Pademba Prison

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Male Correctional Centre on fire

Confirmed reports say over Three Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty (3,120) bags of rice and other logistics and food items including relevant documents were yesterday 29th April, 2020 completely burnt down at the Male Correctional Center on Pademba Road in Freetown.

According to Superintendent Abu B. Kallon, Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Central Police Division of the Sierra Leone Police, yesterday, inmates at Pademba Road Correctional Center attempted to break the prison to escape.

He said some buildings within the Prison Yard such as the Reception, Stores, Hospital, the Vocational workshop were all burnt down, adding that several other infrastructure such as the Church and the Mosque were partially damaged.

The LUC went on that whilst the Prison Yard was on fire, a combined team of police and military personnel stormed the Yard and there was some exchange of gun fire. He said combined team nevertheless contained the inmates and subdued them under control, adding that Fire Force however succeeded in outing off the fire but buildings set ablaze had already burnt before the arrival of fire fighters.

According to Superintendent Kallon, during mopping up operation, it was observed that two prison officers were killed and several others sustained various degrees of injuries as a result of the incident.

He said up to 5 inmates were counted dead and several also sustained various degrees of injuries most of which were catastrophic.

Superintendent Abu B. Kallon said personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department also visited the scene and have commenced investigations into the cause of the insurgence in the Prison Yard and that relevant information regarding the cause of the riot, now identified names to the investigators of certain inmates who could be of assistance to the police in determining the cause of the riot and the operatives amongst the inmates and Prison Officers involved.

According to confirmed source, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service was before the attempted prison break yesterday supposed to release a total of Two Hundred and Thirty Five (235) inmates from Correctional Centres across the country on Presidential Pardon.

Freetown Male Correctional Centre was to release 17, Freetown Female Correctional Centre 2, Freetown Male Reintegration Centre 13, Pre-Trial Detention and Simulation Centre 15, Bo Male Correctional Centre 2, Bo Female Correctional Centre 1, Bonthe Correctional Centre 5, Moyamba Correctional Centre 9, Pujehun Correctional Centre 19, Mattru Jong Correctional Centre 6, Kenema Male Correctional Centre 12, Kailahun Correctional Centre 20, Sefadu Correctional Centre 14, Makeni Male Correctional Centre 14, Magburaka Correctional Centre 10, Mafanta Correctional Centre 50, Kabala Correctional Centre 6, Kambia Correctional Centre 10 and Port Loko Correctional Centre 10 respectively.

Special Recommendation was supposed to be 2 (all male), Western Area Urban 32 (including 02 female), Western Area Urban 15 (all male), Southern Region 42  (including 2 female), Eastern Region 46 (including 1 female), North- East Region 80 (male) and North- West Region 20 (male).

The Government of Sierra Leone through its Ministry of Information and Communication has confirmed that the act was an attempted Prison Break at the country’s maximum Male Correctional Centre. See government press release below.

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