Dr. Ezekiel Duramany-Lakkoh

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Dr. Ezekiel Duramany-Lakkoh is the Managing Director
of African Young Voices. He is a professional
accountant and financial economist with more than 15
years experience in Corporate Finance, Business
Development and Venture Capital Management. Dr.
Duramany-Lakkoh is an American Fulbright Scholar and
a member of the African Economic Research
Consortium (AERC).

He has spearheaded the establishment of several large
companies in Sierra Leone and across West Africa
including West Africa Logistics Solutions, TransAfrica
Development Corporation and African Young Voices
Media Empire. As an academic, he was Head of the
Department of Banking and Finance and Head of the
Department of Accountancy in the Institute of Public
Administration and Management, University of Sierra
Leone. He currently sits as Dean of the Faculty of
Management Sciences in the same University.

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