Wongor Mining Donates Big for COVID-19

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Wongor Investment and Mining Corporation (WIMC Ltd) has made a large donation worth over 50 million Leones in cash and protective items to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in its host communities. See page 3.

‘Corona Money’ Scandal Rocks Kissy Mental Home

By Mohamed Kai

Reports say some health workers at the Kissy Mental Home are presently unhappy and disgruntled with the way and manner the Matron of the home, Aniru Brima treated them during the April 2020 3-day lockdown which was aimed at containing the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

Our investigation further intimated that following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, the Government of Sierra Leone, the Emergency Operational Centre, Ministry of Health and Sanitation and other health partners initiated vibrant policies and concert steps aimed at tracing people infected with the coronavirus and to further contain it spread to other parts of the country.

In a deliberate and calculated posture to mitigate and control the pandemic, the Emergency Operational Centre through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation instructed that all health workers in the country should be given the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand Leones each per day, regardless of whether or not he or she is on duty during the three days lockdown.

This press also gathered that the one hundred and fifty thousand Leones allocated to each health worker in the country, was to motivate and to enable the health workers carry out their duties during the three days lockdown in the country.

But nurses at the Kissy Mental Home are on a contrary view and stand point and have accused the Matron of the Kissy Mental Home, Aniru Brima of corruption and under paying forty five nurses at the home, their incentive during the three days lockdown to curb the coronavirus.

They told AYV that some of them performed their official function throughout the three days lockdown, but they were surprised to receive a meager sum of only forty thousand Leones to each nurse from the Matron in a very arrogant manner, when each nurse is supposed to earn the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand Leones per day.

According to the nurses, the sum of nineteen million, five hundred thousand Leones was handed over to Aniru Brima for payment to nurses at the home, regardless of whether or not they were on duty during the three days lockdown in the country, and that they incentive was provided by the officials at the Emergency Operational Centre through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to contain the spread of the coronavirus country-wide.

 “The Matron Aniru Brima did not treat us fairly and we feel cheated, after we have worked hard and later denied of our benefits,” some of the nurses grumbled.

Explaining his own version of the story, the Matron of Kissy Mental Home, Aniru Brima denied underpaying the nurses at the Kissy Mental Home, who were only on duty at the Kissy Mental Home during the three days lockdown in the country.

He told AYV that he was instructed by his superiors at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to pay nurses who were only on duty, their government stipulated incentives during three days lockdown.

He went on to state that he has a record list of nurses who were on duty at the Kissy Mental Home during the three days lock down, and those that have already received their payments.

The Kissy Mental Home Matron, Aniru Brima responded that he is not a corrupt government official, and that he has worked for several years at the Kissy Mental Home with an unblemished track record.

He promised to furnish AYV with all documents relevant to payments made to nurses at the Kissy Mental Home during the three days lockdown in the country.

But the Matron, Aniru Brima could not make available to this press certain vital document relating to the quantum of money he claimed to have disbursed to the nurses, the correct number of nurses that were entitled to the incentive and what was left in his possession.

Pessima Foundation Donates to Moyamba Residents

Pessima Foundation held an awareness campaign on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Tabe Njama Quee village, Kowa chiefdom in Moyamba district on 24th April 2020. The organization also supplied food and none food items to vulnerable people.

Pessima Foundation is a charity organization formed by Desmond Pessima and wife Rachael Mariatu Pessima to help venerable people across the country.

Tabe has not recorded any case of COVID-19, they strictly adhere to messages and laws instituted by Government and health workers unfortunately, not many people have reached them with health messages relating to covid19 due to bad road network leading to them

Pessima Foundation would not let bad road network stop them from helping a community that lack hand washing facilities except the health post.

A  team led by Mohammed Conteh, coordinator of Pessima Foundation entered Tabe and had an engagement with them on correct hand washing steps, essence of social distancing ,prevention and control of COVID-19

Limitations on people’s movement as a way of interrupting the spread of covid19 has increased poverty rate on the world particularly communities that depend on hand to mouth economic activities of which Tabe is no exception

That was why the foundation at the end of the sensitization supplied more than sixty households with a bag of rice per household, condiments, soap and twelve veronica buckets to be placed at strategic areas within the village

The Coordinator, Mohammed Conteh was glad to hear that steadfastness and the proactive nature of the community people were key elements used in 2014/15 in the fight against Ebola which he said they should maintain. He thanked them on behalf of the CEO and encouraged them to be disciplined and stay united. He said that the fight against COVID-19 cannot be won in disunity

However, Salamatu Jabbie, the nurse in charge of the health post who demonstrated the correct hand washing steps said that availability of veronica buckets in the community is good and called on the Chiefs to ensure they are used correctly and are well taking care of

The Town Chief, Samuel Amara said that they had every reason to be happy having received the message and items at the time things are very difficult with them. He said having food at home minimizes the risks of contracting coronavirus by preventing them from too much movement in search of food

The CEO who currently stays in USA sends his regards and message via Mohammed Conteh to the people that they can always benefit from the foundation if they stay united and successfully apply the health messages health workers are telling them.

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