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AYV ENT. REVIEW– is a Show is the extended version of the AYV ENT NEWS. On the AYV Ent. Review, we review in depth all major breaking entertainment stories for the week from around the world. If it’s entertainment and juicy… then it’s worth telling.

AYV ENT. News otherwise known, as AYV Entertainment News is by far the most watched entertainment segment show where we bring you the juicy and latest entertainment updates from news to gossip, fashion, music and events across the world. Join Janny on AYV. Ent. News to stay in the loop.

The AYV Red Carpet show brings you the latest gossips, styles, reactions, glitz and glam from any and every high profile event like award premieres to glamorous awards, on your TV screen where we catch-up with your favourite stars, fashionable Joes, celebrities and high profiled persons as they walk through our Red Carpet. “AYV Live […]

The striking AFRICA TOP TEN chart show brings you the latest and ultimate list of your favorite African music videos and exclusive interviews of the top African Artists from across the globe. So get ready as your one and only presenter Hurai Bangurah takes you on a thrilling journey throughout Africa. Don’t miss out; cause […]

The Brain Teaser Show is here to test your knowledge! This show engages the general public by asking very intellectual and logical questions that are fun but intelligent at the same time to random individuals on the streets of Freetown, Offices, Schools, and Universities. Having 3 seconds to answer all five questions, their mental knowledge […]

ABDUL KARIM (FONTI) KABIA is the Director of Quality Assurance, Communications and Public Relations at the Africa Young Voices (AYV), where he serves as Presenter for the company’s daily media review program known as Front Page. He is popularly known for hosting a weekly hard talk show titled HOT SEAT. Fonti graduated with distinction in […]

PATRICIA CONTEH is the Acting Deputy Operations Manger 2 at the Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV), where she also serves as Producer and Presenter. She is a presenter of the Front-Page show which is a news and current affairs program that reviews news stories published on different newspapers. She has a BA First Class […]

ALBERT GEORGE SHERIFF is Albert is a journalist with an excellent radio and TV production, presentation, broadcast and print skills. He has worked as a media practitioner for more than two decades commencing as a Disc Jockey (DJ), Reporter and News Reader at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS) now Cooperation, FM 93.5 in Kenema, […]

SAM ALPHA LAHAI is a staff of the Africa Young Voices in the South/East. He holds a B.A in Literature/Linguistics from the Njala University, and two certificates in Cocoa Value Chain Management and Processing and Distinction in Electoral Administration and Civic Education from Njala University and the Institute of Electoral Administration and Civic Education respectively. […]

GEORGE PHILIP JAMBAWAI is AYV’s Southern Bureau Chief, reporter and presenter. A native of Malegohun Chiefdom in Kenema District, he started his career in journalism in 2006 at radio Nongowa 101.3 FM in Kenema. Before joining AYV Media Empire, he served the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society Kenema Branch as a contact tracer during the […]

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