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A Consumer’s Letter to EDSA

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A Consumer’s Letter to EDSA


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Dear EDSA,

This note is from a heartbroken consumer who has not slept for two nights. In case you don’t know EDSA, I work 9am to 8pm every day to pay my bills (including my EDSA prepaid meter) and to eke out a living for my family and my clam members from my village.

All I need after a tedious day’s work is to come to a home where I can see inside my living and bedrooms, have a shower, eat and sleep without the painful noise and stings of mosquitoes amidst unrelenting darkness.

EDSA, what went wrong to our mutual contract;  that I will be a faithful and compliant customer, and you will be a reliable service provider that is fair and respectful to all your customers?

I have kept my own  part of the bargain (cam look me meter, ar get pass 500 units), not sure if you have kept yours, or respected me as a customer, at the very least…….with a simple advance warning  that you will shutdown power supply for several  days, to allow seek alternative plans.

Last night, while struggling to sleep, I came out of my room to look at my surroundings. Unsurprisingly, I saw electricity around Hill Station and some other locations in Freetown. Then I asked myself, what have I done to offend EDSA? Is electricity now distributed by social and political status and not the ability to pay for the service?

Why have you (EDSA) not given me the due courtesy that I deserved by informing me in advance that there will be shutdown in power supply in my community?

As I end this short letter, I am throwing out food stuff (me foo foo, pepper soup, yebbe etc) from the freezer……no power, no food, a clear indirect invitation to death.

EDSA, I hope you stayed awake last night like I did? May be you did only for some of your preferred customers, not me and those like me – outside the political class.

This is enough for now…….I hope EDSA will accord me the courtesy of a reply.

A long and painful weekend.

EDSA customer.

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6th December, 2021

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