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After collecting America’s $1.5M, fat per diems, allowances for 5 months 3 weeks: APC withdraws from Tripartite Committee

HomeAYV NewsAfter collecting America’s $1.5M, fat per diems, allowances for 5 months 3...

After collecting America’s $1.5M, fat per diems, allowances for 5 months 3 weeks: APC withdraws from Tripartite Committee


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AYV News, June 18, 2024

After collecting $1.5 million dollars from the United States Government, fat per diems and allowances for 5 months 3 weeks, the All People’s Congress (APC) Party has withdrawn its participation in the ongoing Tripartite Committee.
The APC press statement announcing its withdrawal states that its’ primarily due to the refusal of the Sierra Leone People’s Party led government representatives at the Committee to continue discussions with the APC counterparts on the verification of the results as announced by Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (EC-SL).
The APC also informed that the move is also because the SLPP counterparts have refused to release the disaggregated votes by polling station, despite the APC’s willingness to adhere to the Terms of Reference and the signed Agreement on National Unity.
Many people have said the APC’s unexpected move to pull out of the tripartite talks on the final stage has brought forth a fresh wave of uncertainty and concern for the future of peace and dialogue in Sierra Leone.
The APC release said: “Given the SLPP’s refusal to engage in further discussions and provide the necessary documentation, the APC has no choice but to officially suspend its participation in the Tripartite Committee until the EC-SL produces the necessary information for the Committee to conclude its findings and recommendations”.
The decision by the APC at the eleventh hour will see a disheartening setback for the peace process and reconciliation efforts in Sierra Leone. The tripartite talks, which aimed to address key issues, foster unity, and chart a path forward for the nation, were seen as a critical opportunity for political parties to engage in constructive dialogue and find common ground for the betterment of the country.
The Party’s abrupt departure from the talks has cast a shadow of doubt over the prospects for meaningful consensus-building and peaceful resolution of differences among political actors.
A political and social analyst in Sierra Leone, Mamud Tim Kargbo said: “The repercussions of the APC’s withdrawal from the tripartite talks are far-reaching and multifaceted. The move not only disrupts the momentum of the peace process but also raises concerns about the party’s commitment to dialogue, inclusivity, and national unity. By opting out of the final stage of discussions, the APC risks alienating key stakeholders, undermining trust in the political process, and fueling speculation about their intentions and objectives in the wider political landscape. The decision has left many observers and citizens perplexed and anxious about the implications for the country’s democratic governance, stability, and social cohesion.
“The APC’s withdrawal from the tripartite talks underscores the fragility of political relationships and the challenges of forging consensus in a deeply polarised environment. It calls into question the party’s willingness to engage in constructive dialogue, compromise, and reconciliation for the collective good of Sierra Leone.
“Moving forward, it will be essential for all political actors, including the APC, to recommit to the values of peaceful dialogue, respect for democratic processes, and the pursuit of common goals that serve the interests of all Sierra Leoneans. Rebuilding trust, fostering unity, and promoting inclusive governance will be crucial steps in overcoming the current impasse and advancing the cause of peace and stability in the country”.
The APC decision has been seen as one which serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges and complexities inherent in the pursuit of peace, reconciliation, and democratic governance in Sierra Leone.


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