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Aftermath of Political Intimidation Abu Conteh Escapes Death

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Aftermath of Political Intimidation Abu Conteh Escapes Death


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Immediately after the presidential result was announced on the 4th April 2018 by the country’s National Electoral Commission, thugs, purported to be members of the new SLPP government stormed the residence of Abu Conteh in the east end part of Freetown and demanded that his family produce him as he needed to be taught a serious lesson.

 According to eye witnesses at the scene, the thugs started beating members of his family when they refused to reveal his location. That caused serious panic that members of the community had to leave for fear of their own lives as the scene was chaotic and there was no police presence to rescue them. The irate thugs demanded that if Conteh is not produced they would not cease to visit the residence and whenever or wherever they lay their eyes on him they will either kill or render him paralysed for life.

According to an eye witness who identify herself as Aminata Bangura,  she overheard the thugs saying that their goal is to kill or render Conteh paralysed so that he would stay off politics for life. She revealed that they were blaming Conteh as the main reason why their member of parliament was unable to win in that constituency and that Conteh did not allow all their members to vote in that ward. She admitted that family members of Abu Conteh have also escaped for fear of their lives, as the house is presently empty.

According to sources within the family it was reported that Conteh had absconded from Sierra Leone, as he is seeking refuge elsewhere for the fear of his life. It was also revealed that his properties were destroyed and his apartment vandalized including that of his parents.

According to police source no arrest was made, as they are still investigating the incident. But according to members of the community the perpetrators are not in hiding as they are still visit the residence to check whether he had returned.

 “The police are afraid to arrest them because they are members of the ruling government; police officers are afraid of them especially when the police acted unprofessionally during the general elections, supporting the then ruling APC against SLPP who are now in governance,” Kumba Sesay informed this medium.

The thugs are seriously searching for him.

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