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Aftermath of September 11 unlawful protest: 33 in Court Today

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Aftermath of September 11 unlawful protest: 33 in Court Today


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AYV News, September 15, 2023

Thirty-three persons arrested during the September 11, 2023 unlawful protest in Freetown will today Friday appear before Magistrate Hadiru Daboh of the Ross Road Magistrates’ Court east end of Freetown.

46 individuals, consisting of 7 women and 39 men from various addresses within Waterloo, have already made their first court appearance at the Magistrates’ Court in King Yard, Waterloo.

This follows their arrest by security forces on 11th September, 2023, in connection with their involvement in the recent Unlawful Protests in and around Waterloo.

The charges brought against them encompass a range of offenses under the Public Order Act of 1965, including Incitement, Riotous Conduct, Disorderly Behavior, Throwing Missiles, Public Insult and Provocation.

Security forces apprehended numerous exhibits from the illegal protesters, including rocks and stones, old vehicle tires and placards bearing provocative messages.

All 46 accused persons, identified as protesters, have been remanded to the Banga Farm/Kissi Town Correctional Center, located on the outskirts of Waterloo.

Their next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, 18th September, 2023.

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