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Agreeing on 169 Tripartite Recommendations so far: SLPP, APC commit to Inclusive Democratic Sierra Leone

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Agreeing on 169 Tripartite Recommendations so far: SLPP, APC commit to Inclusive Democratic Sierra Leone


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AYV News, June 20, 2024

The Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) and the All People’s Congress (APC) Party have announced that both parties resolve to continue working together in the spirit of cooperation and mutual commitment to electoral justice, electoral reforms, peace, and national cohesion.
Both the GOSL and the APC reaffirm their dedication to the work of the Tripartite Committee, which was established under Resolution Three of the Agreement for National Unity.
The Committee’s mandate is to “examine the electoral systems, structures and processes of the 2023 multi-tier electoral cycle. The Committee will also be informed by previous elections with a view to highlighting and addressing the contentious issues of elections and results management including the collation, verification, authentication and publishing of electoral data consistent with international best practice to enhance the credibility of all future elections in Sierra Leone that guarantees elections to be free, fair and credible.”
The Tripartite Committee has made significant progress over the past six months, including the completion of its Terms of Reference, the development of key documents, outreach activities with stakeholders nationally and the engagement of international experts. The Committee’s work focused on elections management, institutional, and legal reforms. The Committee is now in the final stages of its work and is committed to completing and presenting a comprehensive report to the President of Sierra Leone.
Both parties look forward to the implementation of these recommendations and reforms, which will play a vital role in enhancing the conduct of elections in a free, fair and transparent manner and in strengthening an inclusive democracy in Sierra Leone. The GOSL and the APC believe that these efforts will contribute to the continued development and stability of the nation.
The GOSL and the APC reiterate their unwavering commitment to peace, electoral justice, and national cohesion. Both parties strongly condemn any attempts to incite violence or disrupt the democratic process. The GOSL and the APC further commit to the full implementation of all resolutions in the Agreement for National Unity.
The GOSL and the APC express their gratitude to the development partners, experts and moral guarantors who have supported this process. We urge all stakeholders and citizens to join us in maintaining peace and supporting the crucial electoral reforms that will shape the future of our democracy.
The committee’s final recommendations are anticipated to have a significant impact on Sierra Leone’s political landscape, particularly in the realm of electoral reforms.
When the Tripartite Committee was inaugurated in October 2023, there was a wave of hope across Sierra Leone. People believed that the committee, with its mandate to address allegations of election malpractices, could promote democracy and accountability. For many Sierra Leoneans, the committee’s recommendations represent a critical turning point, potentially determining the future stability of the country.
After the 2023 elections, the opposition All People’s Congress (APC), along with members of the international community and election observer groups such as the National Election’s Watch (NEW), claimed that the elections were manipulated and called for a second round.
However, the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) rejected these claims, insisting that the elections were free, fair, and credible. To address these conflicting perspectives, the Tripartite Committee was established to investigate the allegations raised by the opposition and observers.
The mandate of the committee, according to a communiqué signed by both the SLPP and APC in October of the previous year, was to investigate the issues raised and complete its probe within six months. Initially, many Sierra Leoneans, especially APC supporters, were optimistic that the committee’s findings might support calls for fresh elections. However, as the investigation progressed, it became clear that the committee would not recommend a re-run but would instead focus on making broader recommendations for electoral reforms.
This realization has caused significant anxiety among citizens, particularly those who supported the APC. Many Sierra Leoneans, burdened by economic hardships under the SLPP administration since 2018, saw the elections as a vital opportunity to express their dissatisfaction and demand change.
The committee’s anticipated recommendations, while aimed at improving electoral integrity, are unlikely to call for new elections, thus heightening public apprehension about the committee’s final outcomes.


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