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Alieu Omotosho and Daughter Declared Missing

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Alieu Omotosho and Daughter Declared Missing


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It is said that when the head of the Bondo (Sowa) society passed away her eldest daughter, (if any) or eldest granddaughter should succeed her by inheriting the position as Sowe and head of the Bondo Society.

Upon the passing away of Alieu’s mother (Fatimata Koroma) who has no Daughter but grand-daughter (Kadiatu), it was agreed by the leadership of the traditional Bondo Society that her grand-daughter (Kadiatu Omotosho) should be Initiated as a Sowe of the Bondo Society and attaining the position of her grandmother.

 It is said that the successor will be firstly initiated into the Bondo

Culture, meaning she will be circumcised (female Genital mutilation), after which she will undergo about one month of traditional cleansing and rituals during which she will be handed over with the sacred and secret box which serves as the symbol of leadership called ‘EGBOME” according to tradition.

After the traditional rights/ceremonies and burial of the late woman, the family of Alieu Omotosho was contacted to produce their next air to the Bondo Sowe Society as there should be no vacuum in the society as tradition demands.

It was revealed that Alieu refused to give away his daughter for succession which angered the leadership of the society (Bondo).

In August 2018, the leadership of the society (bondo) given a three (3) days
ultimatum to Alieu Omotosho to produce their child for initiation or they will forcefully take the child away, due to his continued refusal. It was also understood that Alieu should be initiated into the Poro Society for men to succeed his late father PaSaidu Omotosho, who was death some years ago as the chief of MASEMRA Village, which he openly refused in front of the elders of the village.

After the expiration of the 3days ultimatum, Alieu’s Aunty Travel to Makeni where they stay and forcefully took away his daughter (Kadiatu) and carry her to the village and handed her to the leadership of the TRADITIONAL BONDO
SOCIETY in order to prepare her for the traditional rituals and her transition.

Upon hearing this news Alieu traveled to the village without wasting time, he rushed to the secret society bush in search of his daughter who he could not found, out of anger, he vandalized the bush and set it ablaze.

According to tradition it is a taboo for a man to enter such place, let alone setting it ablaze. The action of Alieu did not only angered the women’s society, but also angered the male PORO traditional secret society because he has also refused to be initiated into the PORO society and succeed his father as a Chief of the Village.

And he is always against their traditional practices, which they think it’s an attacked against their traditional beliefs and spiritual gods. Who without any delay captured Alieu tortured him and tied him up inside the male secret society bush (called the GBANEKAH) with the intention of teaching him a lesson he will never forget in his life.

Alieu was tortured for about 3days inside the secret society bush without food and water to drink or eat and was given harmful and Evil substances to drink, which would have killed him.

He was rescued by his friend and his late father’s friend (Pa Sembu) who happens to be a member of the PORO Society, they were taken to Kabala Koinadugu District for safety and after Alieu’s recovery, he then eloped to neighboring Guinea.
Rumours of his escaped caused serious problem between the Bondo Women and the Poro Society, as the Bondo women accused the Poro men of allowing Alieu to escape.
 This accusations as lead to the death of Alieu’s friend and Pa Sembu, who were Captured, tortured and beating to death by the men of the Poro for aiding Alieu scape from their custody. Without any action from the state police because some of them are members of the secret societies.
A ransom was laid on Alieu’s head for anybody who could show his where about or where he went to, as members of the Bondo and Poro Societies are angrily awaiting the arrival or any information of Alieu location. Meanwhile Alieu’s daughter cannot be accounted for by either group (Bondo and Poro Societies) but many people believed that she died in process of initiation. According to one of the indigenes of the village (MASEMRA) who is an eye witness of the accident said the police are also looking for Alieu and have already declare him WANTED, after the acting Chief Pa Alimamy accused him falsely for killing his own daughter to the Sierra Leone Police.
This and many other incidents have urged some Human Rights groups and child activists to call on government to take stringent measure in eradicating all forms of forceful traditional initiation across the country

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