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America Stress: A Hero to Recognize!

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America Stress: A Hero to Recognize!


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On August 14th 2016, our small congested city of Freetown saw a heavy downpour; it rained for about three (3) consecutive days. On that same day, houses collapsed around the mountain cut community where this young man was residing; many people could have drowned, but this heroic young man: America stress who had a daughter and wife, risked his life for his small community in the rain; with no cloth, no protective gear, went out to rescue his neighbours and people that lived around his community. On a live Video on Facebook, everything he did was broadcasted live, many Sierra Leoneans from across the world watched the video on Facebook. He saved over 40 people from that devastating situation that day.

What a HERO!!!

After that heart-aching and gut-wrenching incident, this young man had attracted the hearts of many activists, humanitarians, journalists, philanthropists across the world; this includes popular BBC’s Umaru Fofanah who posted on his Facebook account about his heroism. He was all over the news, from been a promoter, he became a philanthropist. This young man gained the trust of many Sierra Leoneans across the world, some sent him money to buy donations for the victims. This young man served his conscience diligently.

Little did this young man thought of his health, he became sick, diagnosed and admitted at the hospital. As days went by, the sick became worsen. The hospital provided little or no solution, he was afterwards taken to the provinces. After a day, I tried calling my brother, it was no longer the voice of America Stress; now his wife, she was crying on the phone.

I could no longer ask!

I checked my Facebook. He had passed away of a curable sickness.

This young man whose dream was to visit or live in America someday was never a reality. This young man passed away. He left a beautiful daughter and wife. Whenever I talk to his daughter, she reminds me of a hero that once lived among us. If you remember him in any point in time for the good things he did in the past that effectuate positives in the present; for himself and his community people, keep him in your prayers and reach out to his wife and beautiful daughter.

You might want to help!

Please remember him in your prayers.

America Stress lives on!

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