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Another Wake-up Call for President Bio

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Another Wake-up Call for President Bio


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According to them Mr. Koroma arrived in a special jet provided by an unnamed foreign head of state of an unnamed country after attending some unsubstantiated international conference.  To cower social media users into believing the tell tale, Mr. Koroma was portrayed in a photo reclining in a presidential suite inside the so-called jet; probably an old photo taken during the heydays of his presidency.

But the patriotic questions that come to mind are: When did the ex-president leave this country and for where and for what purpose? Did he inform the government of his mission – private or otherwise – being an ex-president of this country at least for security reasons?

Ex-president Koroma is known for making suspicious international trips. During the 2007 elections, he swore to his small god that if the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) had won that year’s election, he was going to make this country ungovernable.  In fear of another war in this country the international community influenced his victory in that election even though he never won. No sooner he was sworn into office than he travelled to Burkina Faso for unexplained reason.  Burkina Faso under the disgraced ex-president Blaise Campaori was a haven for mercenaries in the West African region. Tongues are still wagging today over the reason (s) why of all nations in the world ex-president Koroma chose to make his maiden foreign visit as president of this country to such an impoverished country like Burkina Faso? Did he go there to nullify whatever contract he may have concluded in connection with his earlier threat to cause trouble in this country since he had already become president?  

Ex-president Koroma is possessed of a whooping appetite for power. He continues to hold on to the positions of Chairman and Leader of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party even though he had earlier promised to step down three months following the defeat of his party in the 2018 elections. To this day he has refused to recognize His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio as the constitutionally-elected leader of this country.

Worse still the APC party from time to time has threatened to cause chaos and violence in this country and to make the SLPP government under President Bio ungovernable; they still vaguely consider him, Mr. Koroma, as president. Ex-president Koroma himself still maintains that ungodly idea that he is a parallel leader/president of this country.

The 2007 threat by Mr. Koroma to cause war in this country if SLPP took power may still be up his sleeves. Since the SLPP came to power one year ago, the opposition APC party under Mr. Koroma has ensured that President Bio and his government are portrayed for the worst scenario in every twist and turn of the national development agenda pursued by this government.

Mr. Koroma has refused to speak to President Bio and there are signs all around us that he and his APC party do not mean well for the SLPP government and the country.  And when a blind man threatens to stone you, take it not as a joke. First thing is for him to get closer to you with a stone in his pocket or standing on it. He makes sure he will not miss you.

The SLPP government of President Bio is still dominated by the opposition APC partisans placed in sensitive positions at State House, the military, government ministries, police, civil service, parastatals, banking institutions, etc.  

While in power the APC party ensured massively employing their partisans (mostly northerners) in every sector of government qualified or not; and they are still placed in those offices serving as moles for the APC party.  Any time one of them is touched by Bio’s government the opposition APC partisans rage fire and brimstone. Whereas under Mr. Koroma’s APC party government hundreds of south-easterners were sacked en masse from their jobs without ceremony and nobody cared.  Why can’t SLPP government under President Bio do same? Is it because of APC party naked propaganda and the fear of international community’s reprisals? Did ex-president Koroma care? No. Is it because of the trite blackmail that although APC party under Koroma had waged war on SLPP for ten years while in power the Bio government should not be seen to be doing same? And by implication strengthening the APC party in opposition inside the SLPP government? No. That is naked blackmail that President Bio’s government should resist to buy.

Mr. Koroma had empowered his people financially, socially and economically so that their combined wealth in terms of cash money and properties today almost far outweighs that of the national coffers. Hundreds of them were sent abroad on government scholarships and are still enjoying the facility.

In other words President Bio must wake up to the hard realities that obtain on the ground.  First is to beware of the state of our state security face-to-face with the sustained threats of chaos and violence perpetrated by the opposition APC party presently.  The frequent unexplained foreign visits by ex-president Koroma for instance should be check-mated. Ex-president Koroma and the APC party generally cannot be trusted with our national security. 

As a matter of concern what was Dr. Richard Conteh and his rowdy group doing in Kailahun? They arrogantly and forcefully jumped over the police check-point on the Pendembu-Kailahun highway claiming that they were going to visit their supporters in the district. Suspicious. Let the SLPP government be mindful of the movements of these people.

And last week Polo Conteh was arrogantly insulting an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) official in a radio interview; reminiscent of the beating up of ex-VP Solomon Berewa’s security guard by then APC opposition leader Mr. Koroma’s own security guards when SLPP was in power under the late President Kabbah. The APC party is testing the waters to determine when, where and how to strike. Beware President Bio! Beware!

Mao Tsung the Father of Communism once said: “In politics there is no scruple about benevolence/reasonableness; one cannot afford the luxury of his/her conscience even when it is justified.”  The APC party is a product of communism and by all indications Mr. Koroma and the APC party are exponents of that theory and practice.  Just imagine their style of governance any time they come to power – violence, human rights violations, thuggery, corruption, indiscipline, lawlessness and tribalism – made worst under Mr. Koroma as president.

It remains to remind those deviants of morality and conduct that Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma is no longer president of this country and he cannot be as such in a foreseeable future.  Let him keep off the way for President Bio to do his work.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The views and expressions in this article are purely those of the author and do not in any way reflect the views and expressions of AYV Media Empire.

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