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Are our youth really serious?

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Are our youth really serious?


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It is no secret that the future of young people in this country has been and is still gloomy, with slight improvement in the area of inclusion and taking leadership roles in national politics.

In Sierra Leone today, the percentage of unemployed youth far outweighed those employed and yet young people are seeing dancing jubilantly and even fighting each other in political rallies all in the name of supporting the same political parties and politicians who have contributed to their current deplorable status.

It is expected the Sierra Leone today should not be seeing young people ‘worshiping’ politicians but rather seriously taking them to task for a strong foundation to be built for them.

Sadly enough, the country witnessed the most disappointing, unfortunate, senseless, heartless and unfocused madness display of Sierra Leone youth during the flagbearer declaration of Julius Maada Bio few days ago in Freetown.

The supposedly peaceful event was culminated with a bloody clash between youth supporting the SLPP and those of the APC.

The sad event also saw the same young people who have been grumbling and complaining bitterly on the negative way in which they have been treated by past government of the SLPP and current government of the APC, now dancing for these same guys to an extent of even stabbing and wounding themselves.

As a way of thanking them, the politicians whom they thought they had wanted to satisfy turned out to be the same people arresting a good number of them and detaining them in police cells.

Even if our young people have not learnt their lessons in the past, what happened this past few days should have been a very good lesson to ginger up our youth and transform them from such unprogressive lifestyle to a much more development-focus life style.

The same politicians you are tearing yourself apart for today were the same politicians that neglected you in the past few years. They are the same politicians that have been tagging you with all sorts of negative names like idlers, ‘jamba’ smokers, thieves, thugs, foolish young boys, drug addicts and many more names that do not march your actual status.

Why should we as young people continue to hurt ourselves and destroy our future just to be kicked out, arrested and jailed after they are finish with us?

Why can’t we just forget about these evil guys who keep on intoxicating our brains and destroying our future with harmful drugs to get us to hate each other, dance for them, wound and kill ourselves for them and after all these negative sacrifices for, they turn back at us and marginalize, forsake, forget, arrest, jail and dump us after they take up governance?

Youth of this sweet nation, are we really serious to take our rightful position in Sierra Leone? The answer is ours.

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