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ARISE IIP Agreement Transforms Sierra Leone Mining, Industrial Development

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ARISE IIP Agreement Transforms Sierra Leone Mining, Industrial Development


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Guest Writer February 10, 2023

The signing of the Pepel Port and Pepel-Tonkolili Railway Development, Expansion and Management Lease Agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and ARISE Integrated Industrial Platform Ltd (ARISE IIP), worth US$476 million, is aims to provide services to mining companies and other investors and rebrand the country’s mining sector through the introduction of the special economic/industrial zone project.

Recently, a group of journalists embarked on a fact-finding mission to ARISE’s interventions in Benin and Gabon, and their findings have revealed more vital information about the importance of ARISE IIP and what Sierra Leoneans stand to gain when the Company starts operations in Sierra Leone.

ARISE has responded to some of the questions with regards to transparency and gender poised by skeptics and has highlighted their commitment to transparency and accountability in the exportation of Sierra Leone’s minerals.

The Company stated that they would break the monopoly in the bulk mining sector and provide accurate data on exports.

ARISE also addressed concerns about community benefits, stating that the current surface rent to communities would increase from under 1 billion old leones to over 5 billion and that they would provide jobs for the community.

Finally, ARISE emphasised their policy on gender and recruitment of locals, stating that they would prioritise employment for the community with a special focus on gender and training.

The Company also mentioned their plans to launch the passenger train, which would provide job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans, and bring in major, reputable companies from across the globe to operate in the industrial zone.

The Government of Sierra Leone signed the Pepel Port and Pepel – Tonkolili Railway Development, Expansion and Management lease agreement with ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms Ltd.

The Agreement is part of the bigger reforms in the mining sector, where the government intends to open the space for more players to participate.

ARISE IIP is a credible company with a reputation for developing and managing infrastructure in Africa. The Agreement is taking a government asset from monopoly to be more accessible.

The project will expand economic activities by providing jobs for Sierra Leoneans and enable passengers’ locomotion from Tonkolili through Bombali to the Port Loko district.

ARISE is a conceiver, developer and operator of high-added-value infrastructure committed to making Africa thrive with an investment of several billion dollars and a good track record across many countries in Africa like Benin, Togo, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Tchad, RoC, DRC or Rwanda.

ARISE IIP identifies gaps in African countries that unlock value and create new industries to create local transformation and maximize production, efficiency and cost to generate growth and local value addition.

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