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As PPRC, APPA, APPYA and others remain completely ‘Mumu’; Blyden and Foh Busy Killing APC

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As PPRC, APPA, APPYA and others remain completely ‘Mumu’; Blyden and Foh Busy Killing APC


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Dr. Foh, a senior APC member, was vice president in the past Ernest Bai Koroma led APC government and also served as secretary general of the APC party.

Dr. Blyden, a senior APC member, was special executive assistant to the former president and was also minister of social welfare, gender and children’s affairs. She also served as secretary to the party’s nine-man committee set up by the APC National Advisory Committee (NAC) to investigate the causes of the party’s defeat at the polls last March 2018.

Majority of Sierra Leoneans, despite perturbed about what many political analysts have described as an ugly political development that might send the APC into a lifetime opposition, are waiting keenly on the two APC gurus to start opening their party’s secret box so that they will get a gist of what has/have been in hiding.

It can be recalled that Victor Foh has lately embarked on a media mission to expose his former boss, Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC party.

In a recent interview with the BBC World Service, Foh told the world that he was forced by his former boss, Koroma to serve as vice president.

“I would have been killed by my party should I have refused the appointment back then. It was forced down my throat and I did tell them I do not want the position. My party would have killed me if I would not have accepted the appointment. I made Ernest Koroma, who he was and who he is today, so I am not and will never be afraid of him.” Foh lamented.

He went on to state that his boss, Ernest Bai Koroma was practicing mono-ethnic politics and that he was also a dictator in the past government.

He said there is no crime to call for a Commission of Inquiry to get former government officials to account for their stewardship.

“Maada Bio is on the right path because it is high time in Sierra Leone that we, politicians be transparent and accountable. APC must know that we are now in opposition and no longer in governance so we should behave as such and face the Commission of Inquiry when called upon to give account for our ten-year stewardship.

Not pleased with the latest mission of Victor Foh to expose the APC and its national chairman and leader, Sylvia Blyden threatened to take on Foh on the media and expose him.

“I want Pa Victor Foh to finish singing lies on radios and I will start my songs of truth about him. Tell him to brace up for me.” Blyden posted on her Facebook wall.

She went on to post: “The narrative should now change. It was the APC which sacrificed for Victor Foh. We took an utter WRETCH like him and made so many sacrifices for his sake in the process damaging our party. Do you think we would have lost the elections so badly if Victor Foh had not done his thieving habits with the Hajj process? The APC sacrificed so much for Victor Foh and he came out richer with the party coming out poorer. By the way, they almost hung his rotten neck because he was amongst those who committed treason and it was not because he was an APC man. Enough of this taking advantage of our party. That man was never the loyalist people took him for. I am just waiting for him to conclude his Radio Tours. He still has to speak on Radio France International, Voice of America, China CCGT, Deutche Welle. He has not concluded his radio efulefu talks yet. I am waiting for the B@$7er P1k1n for conclude his Radio Talk Shows”.

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