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Bio Distracts Detractors

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Bio Distracts Detractors


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But Maada Bio’s critics are they doing the work of the Devil? The Devil never gets tired of doing devilish activities, even after several failures. Today, we all know that His Excellency has returned home from a well-earned vacation. In his absence the detractors said he was sick and had gone abroad for medical treatment. Then after some time, they started saying that he had died. His Excellency however has returned, alive and well and doing well. After this, any sane man would think the detractors would take a break from their devilish activities. But no, they will not. You can be sure they are scheming to come up with some more lies and propaganda.

What the detractors do not know however is that their propaganda machine has broken down. The information infrastructure nowadays cannot tolerate propaganda. But Maada’s detractors are using the same old strategy they were used to in the seventies and eighties. Time has defeated them. They are however refusing to adapt with the changing times. Because of this refusal to adapt to changing times and circumstances, they are destined to become extinct like the dinosaur

Who are these detractors? They are the members of the opposition APC party, of course. Ever since losing the election in April 2018, they have been devilishly scheming to paint the New Direction Government black so that the international community will not support it. Here again they have failed and disgracefully woefully so for that matter. For no Government in Sierra Leone has ever got the support of the international community the way this government has. The evidence is around for all to see, except the detractors in the APC.

What do the APC want to achieve in all this? It is very clear and simple. They want Maada Bio’s Government to fail so that come 2023, they will win the General and Presidential Elections. They are so bent on winning in 2023 that they will stop at nothing to see that their target is achieved, even at the expense of destroying the nation. But God in heaven will not allow it.

God in heaven will not allow it because the hand of God is on His Excellency the President Julius Maada Bio. If the members of the APC were close to God, they would have known long ago that no human being was responsible for booting them out of power. It was God Himself. For with all the tactics and devilish schemes in their arsenal, the APC would never have lost that contest if it was just between man and man. No. That contest was between the Devil and God. That was why there were many signs; including the appearance of a rainbow in the broad daylight in February 2018 the day the APC had their major rally. But as they say, those whom the gods want to destroy they first drive mad.

Maada Bio will always baffle the detractors because he is operating under the hand of God. That is why the detractors will always fail. They will fail in the morning; they will fail in the afternoon; they will fail at night before they finally give up.

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