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Op-Ed | Sierra Leone: Let’s Give Character A Genuine Chance!

This op-ed is a case for good character.Character,which is a person’s moral compass (integrity, humility, and courage), is the only thing better than gaining the whole world (knowledge, wealth, and power)!Let me be clear,all will always end well with character.

Some may rightfully argue that life is unfair because most people start life at the bottom of the barrelin terms of access to opportunity,socio-economicadvantage, and equal protection under the law.  Regardless of your humble or privileged beginning, character will serve as your greatest social, economic, or political equalizer. Character is the most reliable panacea in life and in society because of the following key reasons:

  1. When you start life from an abyssreserved for the poor in society, characterbecomesan antidote against your despair,character becomes atrusted advisor who constantly assures you thathard work and honesty will be eventually rewarded,character becomes asource of gritthat allows you to keep the faith in the fact that what is delayed is not denied, andcharacter becomesa checkmate that neutralizes your bitterness to allow your successful rise from hopelessness.
  2. When you are up-and-coming in life and on your way to the apex of success, character becomesan impenetrable ammothat protectsyou from those who want to kill your dream,character becomes a teacher that feeds your insatiable desire to learn and grow, and character keeps your greed and appetite for corruption in their tracks to allowyour steadyand successful climb to the summit.
  3. When you are the top dog or the boss in life, characterkeeps your ego (self-importance) and your hubris (self-confidence) under control to prevent your precipitous fall from grace, character injects humility in you to help broaden your horizon and weltanschauung, and character gives you the wisdom and courage to do great things which will be your legacy long after you departthe stage.

This is precisely why they say that“when character is lost, all is lost”. So, to my fellow Sierra Leoneans, let us give character a genuine chance for the sake of national cohesion, national dignity, and national development!

God Bless My Family and God Bless Sierra Leone!


Biography – Boima Morray

Mr. Boima Morrayhas over two decades of leadership experience in the private sector.  He is a visionary leader who has held strategic positions including Vice President, Executive Director and General Manager in Corporate America.

Mr. Morray successfully completed his education in the United States of America, and he holds MBA in from the University of Wisconsin School of Business, MS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Mr. Morray started and completed his college preparatory education in Sierra Leone.  He earned his A-Level Diploma from The Bo School, O-Level Diploma from Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema and Selective Entrance Certificate from St. Charles Lwanga Primary School in Kenema.

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