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Chinese Agro Team Promotes Subsistence, Commercial Farming

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Chinese Agro Team Promotes Subsistence, Commercial Farming


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He further explained that they have introduced  Guangliangyou -476 and Jinyou -39 two varieties of rice, with a total of 13 tons of rice seed for large-scale promotion, which can sow about 570 hectares of rice, if the average yield per hectare 3.5 tons, the theoretical yield can reach 1995 tons. Test data show that the highest output is 5.79 tons / hectare, minimum of 3 tons / hectare, Bo District, the main promotion area, with an average yield of 4.6 tons / hectare. And also Introducing Xinghuangdan-206 and Xianghuangdan-999 two varieties of corn, with a total of 6 tons of corn for large-scale promotion, which can sow about 200 hectares of corn.


“ The demonstration of field planting is a success, yield in line with expectations, and corn size and weight of individuals have hit the country’s record, the economic benefits per acre surpassed 3 million Leones, equivalent to about 400 U.S. dollars.” Feng maintained.


Through this project, he stated that the Chinese government has assisted the government of Sierra Leone with some 13 tons of rice seeds, 6 tons of corn seeds, 120 tons of compound fertilizers, 50 tons of urea, and several pesticides and agricultural machines (corn harvester, corn thresher and rice harvester, 2 tillage machines, 1 rice milling machine), 10 sets of biogas equipment benefiting more than 2,300 households and covering an area of over 650 hectares.


Feng confirmed that they have already organized 10 phase of technical training within 2 years, specifically in 5 Bo District, 1 in Kenema, Ogoo Farm and 4 in Newton Farm with a total of 332 participants. The training includes field training (tillage and sowing of rice and maize seedbed) and indoor technical training (basic lectures on fertilizers, rice seedling technology, paddy field management, field management of corn, basic knowledge of pesticides, prevention and control of rice and corn diseases and pests), he ascertained.


Feng further disclosed that in the past two years, his team has been insisted on providing weekly rice milling services in Bo District, and the said usual practice was warmly welcomed by the vast number of peasant farmers.


“Sierra Leone does not have natural gas resources and 90% of the residents rely on fire to cook, which is a waste of resources and pollution to the environment. While biogas as a renewable energy source is environmental friendly. Therefore, our team promoted 10 sets of biogas equipment around Bo District to help some residents to solve the energy problem.” Feng as quoted”


On the side of the local farmers-the Chairman of Ogoo Farm Farmers Association, Steven Fallah said that he is an experienced farmer with 25 years of active service in the farming industry. As he stated that they have been enjoying fruitful cooperation and awesome support from the Chinese Agricultural Technical Team. Fallah ascertained that the through the Chinese Agro-Tech Team they have been receiving seedling, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, technical training among others, a situation he said has enormously boost their productivity as well as facilitating the transformation of subsistence farming to commercial farming, as they are currently supplying their produce to the local market.


According to Falah, they are currently cultivating on 50 hectares of land and the new Chinese rice would facilitate the cultivation of rice twice a year as well as seasonal vegetable crops which would not only provide food for them, but for the entire community.


Finally, Fallah noted that they have been receiving support from the Ministry of Agriculture through their extension officers that normally educate them on how to apply fertilizers and other technical education. He however lament on the current challenged confronting them, which he said is the Army Worm that is currently destroying maize cultivation. On that note he ended by making a general plea to their development partners and well wishers to come to their aid.



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