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Chinese Medical Team Leader Lectures on Ectopic Pregnancy

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Chinese Medical Team Leader Lectures on Ectopic Pregnancy


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Chinese Medical Team, Dr. Zhou Xi

Head of the 23rd batch of the Chinese Medical Team, Dr. Zhou Xi, engaged medical staff of the Emergency Department and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Sierra Leone – China Friendship Hospital on September 9, 2022.

Dr. Zhou’s special lecture on ectopic pregnancy was commended by her audience, including the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr. Karim Kabineh was widely acclaimed as not only educative but a stepping stone in enhancing quality work in the department.

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. The fertilized egg can’t survive outside the uterus. If left to grow, it may damage nearby organs and cause life-threatening loss of blood. Symptoms include pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding. To prevent complications, treatment is required. In the early stages, medication may be sufficient. Later stages require surgery.

“Delayed treatment may lead to life-threatening in patients,” Dr. Zhou said and added that in Africa, where there is a shortage of medicine, it is important to teach local healthcare workers how to make rapid diagnoses and treatment.

“Through the lecture, we strengthen the understanding of ectopic pregnancy knowledge, clear the actual work of ectopic pregnancy patients diagnosis and treatment methods,” she said and furthered that through the lecture, they can strengthen the knowledge of the medical staff on ectopic pregnancy and clarify the diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy patients in practical work.

The lectures came when China is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and teachers’ day on September 10. At the same time, Dr. Zhou explained the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the traditional folk customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival and invited all participants to taste moon cakes and Chinese biscuits.

The origin of the Mid-Autumn is related to agricultural production. Mid-Autumn Festival is in August, on this day, various fruits and crops have matured. In order to celebrate the harvest and express feelings of joy, the farmers named the “Mid-Autumn Festival” as a holiday. 

According to legend, in ancient times a year, ten suns appeared in the sky, straight smoke-roasted earth; the sea dry people no longer saw the life go. This alerted a hero named Hou Yi, he boarded the Kunlun Peak, transported enough god, God opened the bow and shot down nine stretches of an excess of sun. Hou Yi set matchless magic; the people respected and loved by many patriots come here Toushi apprenticeship.

Treacherous cunning, evil intents Peng Meng also mixed in. Soon, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted wife named Change-e. In addition to hunting Hou Yi Chuan Yi, the day and his wife together, people are envious of this Langcainvmao-loving couple.

Dr. Zhou is the Team Leader of the Chinese Medical Team, Deputy Director Doctor, and Professor of Gynecology of the First Affiliated Hospital of South of China University, Hengyang City – Hunan Province, China.

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