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Commission of Inquiry: A Case for National Accountability and National Development!

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Commission of Inquiry: A Case for National Accountability and National Development!


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I wholeheartedly believe, a view shared by many Sierra Leoneans, that leaders from all stakeholder constituencies (executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, traditional chiefs, opposition political parties, international partners, private sector, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, the fourth estate and the wider community of ordinary Sierra Leoneans) have the moral obligation to transform Sierra Leone in our lifetime into a globally competitive country with judicial independence and inclusive economic prosperity for all Sierra Leoneans regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, regional affiliation, political party persuasion or social class.  To realize this grand aspiration, justice must be served for corruption. This is why I support the commission of inquiry!

Now that the commission of inquiry has commenced, the world is watching!  H.E. President Bio, to a great degree, has the power and responsibility to shape the confidence of the country in the commission of inquiry by lending his unwavering support to the commission to ensure that it is independent, transparent, impartial and free of political interference throughout it tenure in investigating matters of national interest, recording findings and providing recommendations.  I trust that H.E. President Bio, with his experience and prudence, will do just so! 

To all my fellow Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone, let us give justice, peace, development and the commission of inquiry a chance!!!

God Bless Sierra Leone

Biography: Boima Morray has over two decades of business and leadership experience in the private sector.  He is a visionary leader who has held strategic leadership positions including Vice President, Executive Director and General Manager in Corporate America.

Mr. Morray successfully completed his education in the United States and he holds MBA in General Management from the University of Wisconsin School of Business, MS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Mr. Morray started and completed his college preparatory education in Sierra Leone.  He earned his A-Level Diploma from The Bo School, O-Level Diploma from Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema and Selective Entrance Certificate from St. Charles Lwanga Primary School in Kenema.

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