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Dallo Smoke declear Wanted

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Dallo Smoke declear Wanted


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Victors’ collaboration song with Innocent titled ‘Notice,’ has been perceived as anti government, cynical and skeptical,   thus  considered as an  incitement to public safety,  peace and stability and because of  its strong and   uncompromising    lyrics in which it says  that if the governing SLPP   fails to address the wishes and aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone   like they promised when seeking to oust the main opposition APC  party, then the people of Sierra Leone must act tough by booting them out as was done in the  ousting of  the previous regime who are still wallowing in a state of  unbelief  on the aftermath of the announcement of the outcome of the general elections of 2018.

Prior to the 2007 electioneering process, this young man was attacked by some pro-government operatives for simply singing a song that was perceived as anti-government. He received deaths threats, his car was ambushed and chased after returning from a show in the western part of the capital and upon fleeing the car’s wind-screen was destroyed at one of the notable pubs, Buggy’s night club.

“You have formed a  team to speak, sing and perform songs  that are  against the system therefore,  we consider you a threat and will surely  and entirely ravage your personae  and contacts,” one obsessed state actor who does not want to be named  said.

At the Miatta Conference Hall Brookfield’s, Western Area Freetown, he was attacked by pro government artists who accused him of being well-off because of his US background and making a fool of himself because of not being in compliance with the system and thus he received threats of being stabbed to death if he does not relinquish his stance on putting out anti establishment and government songs.

Against this backdrop of violence, intimidation and persecution, an intense government search has been mounted seeking after the artist even though his destination is still unknown. Family sources refused to give details of   his whereabouts at the moment    but however, they confirmed that their son, brother and loved one is out of the jurisdiction unhappily.

The Sierra Leone Union of Musician’s (All Stars) says they are doing all they can to protect one of their own but emphasized that the factors behind the scenes could be beyond their control.

However, fans and musicians say if this Musical Dude is giving the space to do his thing, he will be one of the most admired home-grown and upcoming  stars  whose true quality will be fixed like the northern star in the West Coast of Africa.

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