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Disgusting!!!! The Rising Spate of filthy, and murky tales of celebrities who eat poop for $40k in Dubai.

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Disgusting!!!! The Rising Spate of filthy, and murky tales of celebrities who eat poop for $40k in Dubai.


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Is there anything these spoilt-silly and rich Dubai billionaires can’t do? Their Pastimes are no longer Skydiving, exotic pets, horseback riding, cycling, ziplining, and diving. These are not enough. For these rich kids, their new Sport is Nigerian, Togolese, Gambian, and Ghanaian Celebrities who would do anything, including eating poop to live lavida loca

The new incredible life, adventure, and craze in town is having girls from Africa eat poop for between 30- $40k in the company of their friends.

Don’t be fooled. Their flashy vacation lifestyles include checking into expensive luxury hotels, snapping photographs of themselves boarding business class and all sorts of appearances, care part of the package, a close source and agent disclosed.

Who would believe that those posts of new luxury cars, new houses, designer fashion accessories, pose in business class and travel to Dubai, with loads of comments; are Dubai poop money in action? Horrible! The display of sudden wealth and opulence on Instagram has thrown up many questions that border on our value system and the rising quest for quick money.

With a recent disgusting viral video of some ‘slay queens’ eating the poop of Dubai wealthy men in swimming, discussions about the ordeal some celebrities go through to survive have been brought to the fore, the goal post has shifted from the likes of Hushpuppi, Abba Kyari, Mompha to the Dubai Poop eating ‘Slay Queens- desperate to look rich.

When Our African forefathers through one of their many Proverbial Expressions said, “To every story of wealth and riches, its own filthy and murky beginnings”, the adage unknown to us was speaking to the heart of these desperate young slay queens and women.

Whilst “weird” is subjective, you have probably heard about a person or two, who have all done a few things that are off the beaten path for a paycheck… But to eat poop to make money? Still can’t comprehend that!!! But as surprising as it is, it happens!  This is so ridiculous, creepy, and gross! What some ’slay queens’ do for money… Only God can comprehend.

It is deafening, heart-rendering, to finally know the unprintable things these socialites and sudden-celebrities do just to live life. For honest and hardworking youths who feel depressed, now you know the source of their sudden wealth- Dubai Poop money.

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