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Dr. Samura Kamara is his best campaign strategist

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Dr. Samura Kamara is his best campaign strategist


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It was always going to be a difficult campaign with the APC coming back for a third time to seek power from the people. There is no argument that the APC has done its own share to push this country forwards but in the minds of some, power in Sierra Leone must change hands after two terms. The ignominy in such thinking tells of the depths of ignorance that some of our people dwell in. Those who subscribe to such idiocy would recall the relative short term of the last SLPP government as a benchmark for succeeding dispensations. They completely belie the fact that the last SLPP government was driven out of power because of their mishandling of the economy and the subsequent calls for regime change that the international community subscribed to through their withholding of funds for development to this country and pointing to government wastages as a reason for their stance. In this crazy atmosphere of public wastage and impunity, the SLPP had to be displaced by an electorate that were sold the concept of development and progress that the APC represented.

Many who now point to the fact that Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara worked as Financial Secretary under the SLPP government and hence attempt to make him culpable for the missed opportunities and chances that the SLPP wasted in the development of this country misunderstand his role and the foundations that he was building alongside the wasteful attributes of the political leaders in Sierra Leone at the time. While Dr Samura. Mathew Wilson Kamara was busy building the institutions that the politicians now wish to claim as their own, many at the time were embroiled in such wasteful projects as the “SABABU” project which succeeded in building brand now schools in the middle of the bush and in remote areas inaccessible to small school going children. Dr Samura Kamara built other sustainable institutions such as NASSIT, NRA, NPPA, NCP and others that now serve as the basis for revenue and public expenditure management in Sierra Leone. The robustness of these institutions continue to maintain a robust system of public accountability and an accountable public finance management system that has met the conditions for audit acceptance and compliance requirements of international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF. Throughout these times, Dr Samura Kamara, being the consummate professional that he is, has succeeded in building a cadre of well meaning, focused and equally skilled and professional team of people scattered across the institutions that he has helped to build up. In doing this, it was as if Dr Samura Kamara had a foreboding that one day he would to rely on these people to help him build a better Sierra Leone. In the event, he has surrounded himself with a triumvirate of goodness embodied by competence, value addition and integrity.

It is the wealth of experience that Dr Samura Kamara has gained across the Ministries and Institutions that he has worked in this country that presents for himself a truly all round worth and leadership quality. So when he started to address the public, those who were shocked at the spread of Dr Samura Kamara’s knowledge of this economy may well be those who have had no prior exchange with him. Grounded in the theoretical aspects of monetary policy and the implications of monetary union for West Africa under the aegis of ECOWAS, Dr Samura Kamara had for a while been engaged in the macroeconomic indices of development. In Sierra Leone, he had come in on recommendation and support from the Commonwealth Secretariat to support the building of a robust financial and public sector management system for an ailing Military government. His work with the .N.PRC junta did not go unnoticed so when the civilian democratically elected government of Alhaji Tejan Kabbah needed support, it was another time for Dr Samura Kamara o come back to support his country of birth. So it was that he came back a second time under the IMF to support the Kabbah government as Financial Secretary. These experiences and knowledge that comes from working at such levels were again called upon by President Ernest Bai Koroma who first made him Bank Governor and then Minister of Finance and Economic Planning before sending off to head up the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. There is therefore no doubt that when such a man with these strategic and high ranking experiences, having served three political dispensations could have anyone to better articulate his political prowess better than he could have done. Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara is the best person placed to talk about this own ethos, principle and political integrity.

Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara has since had the opportunity to address the public and in some occasions talk directly to specific groups such as the Movement for Samura Kamara success in 2018 where he had expounded on his philosophy and principles of political leadership for the APC. His main message has been encapsulated in the phrase, “My Sierra Leone, my responsibility.” Many who have heard him speak on this theme have come to understand the depth of his commitment to making Sierra Leone a better place to live, work and learn. His belief in the youths is unshakeable as he is fervent on the effects of an agile youth in the development of a vibrant economy and society. Dr Samura Kamara has outlined in his many appearances and public speeches that he is firmly subscribed to engaging young people and those with the tendency to suffer from social exclusion so that his government will explore best ways of improving their lives and circumstances. This commitment to supporting people in slums, women and the disables is central to a grand vision of making everyone an equal partner in their own development and also for engaging the entire country to take responsibility for building a better Sierra Leone to be proud of. In a nutshell, Mt Sierra Leone, my responsibility, though stated in the singular is a call to action for every citizen to make the same pledge to raise the prospect for a better country as a duty and responsibility for all.

Dr. Samura Kamara has attended University and College campuses across. the country and his message has been clear on his vision for youth engagement in public and private life, He has extended his commitment to providing the conducive atmosphere for growth of young people in education and skills training and for supporting young people as entrepreneurs and business people who would own industrial plants and manufacturing facilities in this country. These principles that he holds so dear are responsive and challenging to the young people in Sierra Leone but with a government focused in raising the economic contribution of the various sections of the country to national development, it is definite that Sierra Leone will open up opportunities for its citizens that will ensure their collective successes and progress. Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara should continue to spread his message to the country knowing that he is the only one best placed to do so.

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