Edmond Abu Vows to Strike Back

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Edmond Abu cooling off inside a police truck after his arrest on Tuesday

Following his brief arrest and detention by police on Tuesday 17th July 2018, during a peaceful protest at the St. John roundabout in Freetown over the recent hike in the price of fuel, the Executive Director of Native Consortium and Research Center, Edmond Abu has been released.

He has demanded an apology from the police which he accuses of unlawful detention, adding that unless the police produce irrefutable evidence otherwise, he intends to take the necessary action.

According to Abu, his brush with the police has emboldened the Consortium to do more and stressed that he is willing to lay his life rather than keep silent on issues affecting access and affordability when it comes to bread and butter issues negatively affecting the average citizen. He vowed that he would be back soon. He added that by citizens he means all classes of Sierra Leoneans including police personnel.

Abu at a press conference further stated that there is some misinformation circulating around that Consortium members tore up posters and pulled down banners of the President and Vice President; which he described as “a lie”.

He claimed he had written a letter earlier to the police soliciting their protection and indicating the route the protesters would take but that it is unfortunate that they were treated with disdain by the police.

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