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EU congratulates Sierra Leone for securing UN Security Council seat

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EU congratulates Sierra Leone for securing UN Security Council seat


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The European Union (EU) in Sierra Leone has extended its congratulations to the Government of Sierra Leone for its recent election as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

This notable achievement positions Sierra Leone at a crucial juncture in upholding international peace and security, as well as the principles outlined in the UN Charter.

The European Union emphasised its eagerness to collaborate closely with Sierra Leone as it assumes this vital role on the Security Council. Recognising the significance of this position, many experts have noted the advantages it brings to the country.

Chief Minister for the Republic of Sierra Leone, Jacob Jusu Saffa, outlined several benefits associated with being a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

One of the key advantages highlighted is increased influence. As a non-permanent member, Sierra Leone now has the opportunity to shape the global agenda and contribute to decision-making on matters crucial to international peace and security.

Moreover, the country can leverage its position to advocate for its own interests and those of its region.

Membership in the Security Council also enhances a country’s credibility. It serves as a symbol of status and importance within the international community, bolstering Sierra Leone’s reputation and signaling its unwavering commitment to upholding international law and norms.

Another advantage is the access to vital information. As a member of the Security Council, Sierra Leone gains access to confidential briefings and information concerning international peace and security issues. This invaluable knowledge empowers the country to make informed decisions and gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics of conflicts and crises worldwide.

Furthermore, the membership opens doors to networking opportunities. Sierra Leone can forge relationships with other countries and key international actors, which can prove beneficial in advancing its interests and increasing its influence in other areas of global governance.

Lastly, the position presents opportunities for leadership. As a non-permanent member, Sierra Leone can take on crucial roles and responsibilities in addressing global challenges. By doing so, the country can establish itself as a responsible global actor, further enhancing its reputation and amplifying its influence in the international community.

Sierra Leone’s election to the United Nations Security Council stands as a momentous occasion for the country. With the European Union expressing its support and anticipation for fruitful cooperation, Sierra Leone is well-positioned to make significant contributions to global peace and security, while simultaneously advancing its own interests and those of the African region.

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