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Failed Attempted Coup Treason Trial: Koita receives first aid treatment at CID

HomeNewsFailed Attempted Coup Treason Trial: Koita receives first aid treatment at CID

Failed Attempted Coup Treason Trial: Koita receives first aid treatment at CID


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As the Treason trial progresses, Inspector Tamba Kasi Koroma has revealed that when Amadu Koita Makalo was arrested and brought to Criminal Investigations Department, he was having slight head injury on his head and so they offered him first Aid Treatment before they took statement from him.

The inspector recalled that the on the 4th, December 2024, he was on duty at the station during the evening hours when the Operations team brought Koita.

Detective Superintendent of Police Gbonda question Koita on the alleged offences. The court heard that the initial was supposed in the early hours of December 5th, 2023 due to Koita complain of not feeling good.

Prosecutor Bockarie requested Inspector Kasigbama to present the statement from Koita on Various dates at the Criminal Investigations Department against Koita on trial.

Defence Lawyer, Sigismond Conteh objected that the statements of his client should be read in the absence of the Public and even the jurors and the other accused.

After his Objection, Justice Kamanda approved the defence lawyer’s applications, instructing the jury and others to go out of the court except the Court clerks and security personnel were allowed to remain.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leone charged 12 people with treason and other offenses for their roles in what authorities have called an attempted coup on November 26, a news release said.

One of those charged was Amadu Koita, whom the government has said was one of the organizers of the coup attempt.

He was arrested December 4 and is one of 85 people — most of them military personnel — who were arrested in connection with the events of November 26.

The 12 alleged perpetrators, including former police officers, were handed charges including “treason, misprision of treason, harbouring, aiding, and abetting the enemy,” according to a news release signed by Information Minister Chernor Bah.

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