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Flaming Appoints Mission Director

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Flaming Appoints Mission Director


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 The new mission director described his position as a massive evangelical job, which placed him in charge of all the Flaming Branches both local and international. He went further to state that his job is to among other things, ensure that the church grows and establish more branches allover; look after the pastors and make sure that they do their job correctly.

Flaming Evangelical Ministries International, he said has over 70 branches all over the world including The UK, United States, Australia, Banjul, Ghana, Liberia, among other countries and that by the grace of God the church intends to reach out to Jamaica, Guinea, India, and the West Indies.

Pastor Allen disclosed that he has served the Flaming Bible Church for fourteen years and that his elevation was based on the ministerial work he has done over the years. 

Before now, he was the Senior Pastor at the Flaming Bible Church, Kissy where he diligently served for five years, moved to Murray Town where he is the current head of the aforementioned branch.

Murray Town community situated at the western part of Freetown, he said was a hard and fallow ground that needed to be broken and that for a Pentecostal church to just surface and established, have members attending the church on a regular basis  and can proud of a well established structure under his custody, was  a difficult task for him. He however thanked and praised the lord for his successful leadership at his aforementioned branches.

Both branches, he said started in a classroom but with the special grace of God the branches can now boast of a structure of their own. “The Murray Town branch was a big challenge as it was a hard and fallow ground to break” he confessed.

Speaking on some of the work he has done in the Ministry, the new Mission Director said he has organized revivals in The Gambia and other places and that testimonies around his success are enormous. While ministering in the UK, sometime back, he said a woman who was diagnosed with a certain ailment was prayed for and she received her healing. In the Gambia, he said a lot of healing and deliverance took place and that there was an attack on his life right at the service.

He further explained that an agent of darkness came in and said she was sent from the kingdom of darkness but that with the special grace of God she immediately received her deliverance and she repented at once. He said lots of people have been delivered and transformed especially in Murray Town where there is lot of witchcraft practices.

He submitted that Flaming Bible church was brought at the Murray Town community for a purpose as according to him God has done tremendous work there with the help of His Grace the Bishop.

The church he believed has a vision and that his position is to make sure that the vision is accomplished and be everywhere to ensure the pastors do their job well without compromised.

He finally stated that remains the Senior Pastor of the Murray Town branch but that his activities there are going to be limited because of the his new appointment which required lots of travelling and other additional duties.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Desphine Shipping Company he added that he will relinquish   his responsibilities to someone and focus his paramount attention to serve the Lord in his new appointment.

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