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Following August 10th Insurgence  Police Declare Sheku Bangura and Others Wanted

HomeopinionFollowing August 10th Insurgence  Police Declare Sheku Bangura and Others Wanted

Following August 10th Insurgence  Police Declare Sheku Bangura and Others Wanted


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By. Ibrahim Samura

A mechanical engineer turn political activist Sheku Bangura have been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police for allegedly mobilizing and leading youth groups in the capital city of Freetown to engage in violent protest that lead to the death of police officers and other youths in the city.

It could be recalled that on 10th of August 2022 citizens in the North and Western Part of Sierra Leone storm the street of Freetown, Makeni, and Lungi, demonstrating against the government for the hardship, high cost of living and the rapid inflation the country is facing.

Prior to August 10th Demonstration there were messages on social media calling on all Sierra Leonean to sit at home on the 8th and 9th and take to the street on the 10th October 2022 to demonstrate against the government and to inform the international community that they are tired with what is happening in the country.

The said demonstration on the 10th started peacefully as youth take to the street holding placards singing songs calling on the president to leave as they are tired of him. This continued for about four hours before police officers interrupted the process using live bullet and teargas canisters to disperse the demonstrators. The situation went out of hands when two youth were shot and killed in the eastern part of Freetown in cold blood. This aggravated the situations leading to demonstrators setting ablaze vehicle tires on the road, mounting road blocks, challenging the police officer among others. A

According to reliable sources, Sheku Bangura was seen leading a group of demonstrators carrying the corps of 6 people to the Freetown morgue when they were attacked by armed police officers who wasted no time to open fire at them killing and arresting most of them including Sheku Bangura and taken to the Kissy Police Station.

Rumors of their arrest went viral, that lead to youths attacking the police station demanding the release of their brothers. Amidst the fighting at the station Sheku Bangura and others managed to escape from police custody running for their lives.

The Vice President of the Country wasted no time to declare curfew in the capital city and instructed the police to declare the perpetrators wanted.

The following day, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) released photos of alleged perpetrators to the police declaring them wanted. The IGP called on the general public to report the way about of all those who masterminded the demonstration that lead to the death of 6 police officers and above 20 civilians.

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