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From The Editor’s Desk When Death Becomes Cheap…

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From The Editor’s Desk When Death Becomes Cheap…


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Today, it’s a different scenario, altogether. Human beings sick and die like fowls and are buried like poppers all in the name of Ebola.

A good number of our compatriots who would have had befitting funerals were bagged and dumped just like that, too sad. You cannot touch your love one when he/she she is sick let alone dead. Devastatingly, you watch your love one being taken away like a hand luggage to the pit.

The Ebola Virus (EVD) has threatened the overall existence of man in this part of the world. We are threatened and we should be. We leave in a constant a state trepidation, knowing not what would happen the next minute or day.

More disturbingly, are the many, many devastatingly consequences that came with the Ebola thing that appear very insurmountable in the coming weeks or months by the look of things. Our numbers are reducing not only by the Ebola disease but by other ailments as sick people no longer seek medical attention (to whom?). Even when Doctors and nurses were available and there were mushroom health centres and clinics scattered everywhere, people died of common malaria. Now that to see a nurse let alone a Medical Doctor is like searching for diamonds one begins to wonder what is in the package for us as a nation in the coming months.

No schools, public examinations counseled, prices of essential goods have skyrocketed, flights counseled, borders closed, foreign investors have been sent packing by the Ebola outbreak, the State’s economy is in red and more. The list of disadvantages associated with the Ebola outbreak is unending. Amidst all of these, some of our compatriots remain home and dry while the majority of the people remain worried over questions they have no answers to and problems they have no solutions to.

The disbursement of a whooping sum of seven billions leones to Parliamentarians, (for what?) has only ridiculed the current situation particularly when Medical Doctors, nurses are health workers are complaining of lack of the requisite logistics and facilities to continue in the war.

The fact that death has become as cheap a peanut indicates that the Ebola war is national issue that should be given the much needed attention and sacrifices it deserves else…

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