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‘I refuse to be a Mediocre” – Phebean Swill Blasts

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‘I refuse to be a Mediocre” – Phebean Swill Blasts


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TV Presenter, actress and the latest Mandela Fellow, Mrs. Phebean Swill Randall has reacted to social media rumours about her being sacked by Kao Denero, Special Envoy on Investment and Entertainment, following a recent post by Phebean Swill where she reportedly posted a sarcastic and humorous post on the latest increments on fuel pump price.

Phebe Swill confirmed the rumours to be true on her Facebook page yesterday morning.

In her introductory post, Phebean Swill said –“Yesterday was a very significant day that partly defines me. I’m glad I refused to be inducted into mediocrity and sycophancy. Rather, I worked hard enough to become an Alumna of a prestigious fellowship.”

Three days ago, Phebean Swill commenting on the latest increments on fuel prices, a posted that got into the nerves of Ambassador Kao Denero, which he believes iscounterproductive. Kao was angered that a member of his Entertainment Board commented on a national issue that may probably put the government in bad shape.

Here’s what Phebean posted on Facebook 3 days ago:

“I’m selling my vehicle! I want to buy a bicycle.With a bicycle I won’t worry about fuel and traffic.Oh it’ll also help me get in shape.”

Upon seeing this post, the Ambassador posted a screenshot of Phebean’s Facebook post about the fuel increase in the Entertainment Board WhatsApp group, requesting her to delete the post, which she refused to do.

This was what Kao Denero posted in their WhatsApp group according to Phebean Swill – “Good morning board members. I was brought to the notice of this post made by one of our board members. I mean as much as am aware that we are all independent and free to do as we feel or like. But things like this derail our joint effort in getting the support we are all yarning for. Sister Swill it will be nice if you can kindly delete such on behalf of the board. Thanks.”

Swill responded that he won’t do it –“Ambassador Kao, with due respect sir, I will not delete that post. I’m entitled to freely express myself (within the ambit of the law) regardless of my status as entertainment board member. That has absolutely nothing to do with the board. Thank you sir.”

According to Phebean, the Ambassador’s response was “Ok Swill I respect your opinion my sister. My decision as an ambassador will be to respectfully disassociate ourselves from you. So from now henceforth I will remove you off the board group. I won’t engage in no social media back and forth on this. Thank you and God bless,” Ambassador Kao Denero.

Swill said that the Ambassador’s response came after some board members (HawanatuKonneh, Desmond Benya, D.J Prezo, Ing. Kamson) supported the Ambassador that she should delete the post because it doesn’t make the board “look good”.

“They probably forgot that I am NOT a political appointee. I’m NOT a loyalist to any party but my country. I love my Sierra Leone much more,” Phebean Swill lamented.

“On a more important note, I got certified as a Mandela Washington Fellow under the Young African Leaders Initiative by the United States Government the same yesterday. The coincidence of both happenings on the same day makes me feel so good. I could’ve deleted my post upon Ambassador Kao Denero’s instruction. But by doing so I would’ve betrayed my identity as a Mandela Washington Fellow – a Young African Leader. I’ve committed myself to be a part of my country’s solutions and not a part of its problems. I refuse to be a mediocre or a sycophant!” – Mrs. Phebean Swill Randall.

She went on to appeal to Sierra Leoneans to support the Entertainment Ambassador on his assignment to project the industry.

It could be recalled that the former SLeDU President Pilot CPO announced his resignation from the Board few weeks ago. A press release from the Office of the Special Envoy (Ambassador) on Investment and Entertainment also announced the sacking of prominent Board members for what the Board referred to as ‘their ineffectiveness’.

They included the VOA Presenter David Vandy, Pilot CPO and others.

Phebean Swill has just joined a list of her former colleagues, who were sacked ‘as it pleases the Ambassador’.

The Office of the Ambassador reacted on their Facebook page this morning with the post below:

“Know your place and role in any institution you agree or accept to be part of. Never indulge in activities that will be counterproductive towards your organisation or colleagues.

Finally our industry will soon have an administrative branch under gov and through the ministry of tourism. President Bio is really committed to upgrading the entertainment industry.” More details coming.”

This development has created discord among entertainment fans on social media. Many have referred to the Board as a political tool to protect some political interest rather seeking the general good.© www.vertexmedia.sl.

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