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“I Will Lay Down My Life For The Youths, Not With Drugs But…”

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“I Will Lay Down My Life For The Youths, Not With Drugs But…”


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At some level, good number of these Youths has been placed at some Government Offices, Institutions, Organizations/Agencies and some Private Sectors wherein massive employments were made but due to the past Ebola Outbreak; left a large number jobless that has added to the great number of the ones without job and think of the population of Youths as one of the most highest percentage in the Country’s bulk of population but with less attention in the area of development. How secured are they when this particular set of people are most times used and misused by the Government, Politicians and Senior Stakeholders in Society?

Coming to the area of ‘DRUGS’ in the Country, what are the procedures legally put in place to protect Citizens in their drinking and smoking life? There are massive flowing of hard drugs in the market with its substances produced to drinks and smoke is so hazardous but with no proper checks and balance. Where is the Trade Ministry being the Parent Body to regulate things of this nature? For any gathering the most wanted items among others will be hard drinks and smoke enough till get off the normal senses to behave foolishly, especially in political gatherings at all levels. Look at the Streets and see the number of Youths (both male & female) with their future already destroyed (though you leave room for a change one day but how soon?), but yet we need a better productive human resource system for the replacement of the ones currently placed in Governance including other works of life.

Because of what goes into the private pockets of most authorities like kick-backs, commissions, percentage etc don’t border to do proper arrangements at the detriment of the Office he/she serves, the people and the Country at large. Most of the drugs brought into this Country were specifically not prepared for the people of Sierra Leone and drugs of this nature are never monitored by the monitors charged with the responsibility to do so, but rather their awaited take-home envelopes collected.

It is no hidden secret, when you walk along the Streets in any of the District you happen to find yourself, will see the number of Young People mad, crazy, frustrated and soliloquizing, creating problems, Young Girls/Women highly engaged in prostitution, unprotected sexual activities with an unwanted pregnancy that ends with no proper or virtually no care at all. Is a sympathetic situation wherein the most energetic stage for someone to fully give the needed energy for National Service to build the Nation, is the time many become outdated and expired in his/her Service Delivery. That is one of the most contributing factors that create the room for the hiring or employment of expatriates of other Nationalities into the Country because of the early destruction of our future.

In the area of education we are daily praying to see our educational standard improved to gain its glory that it has long time lost, but how many Authorities with all the good measures they intend to put in place have their biological Children Schooling in this Country? Government Scholarship in Schools and high level of Education are not catered for the poor but the rich ones to get them richer and let the poor become poorer. We talk about the 6334 or 6344 or whatever way it is, what are the adequate measures and facilities put in place for dropouts (many due to financial strength)?

In the Health System, the best medical services are for the Rich People or flown out of the Country when sick while the Poor People suffers the opposite. In the Justice System, huge number of Young people are languishing in Prisons, justice is not given to the poor, delay cases to suffer people unnecessarily, unlawful and illegal arrest, too much of victimization, marginalization, segregations, regionalisms, Tribalism, Favourtism, Nepotism etc and the bulk of people that are massively involve are the Youths/Young People, but again with more emphasis on the Children that later grow into the Youthful stage.

The Country has good written documents but the implementations of these documents always has great vacuum to fill, why the persistence failure of dealing with things to the letter? If individually we are really religious, don’t we generally have the fear of God as the ‘Most Highest’ and the ‘Most Supreme Judge’ that each soul will face one day to give account of his/her staying on Earth?

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