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If any run-off; APC Vows to Beg Samsumana

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If any run-off; APC Vows to Beg Samsumana


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This was disclosed at the first press conference held by the APC following the announcement of at least 75% percent of the votes accounted so far by NEC.

This was according to APC National Secretary General, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh. He informed journalists that the APC will remain in power and thanked supporters for voting massively and encouraged them to be calm and wait for the final announcement by NEC.

Ambassador Yansaneh further stated that the APC party is not known for intimidation or misconduct and asked supporters not to take the law into their hands but rather to look up to the party to protect their votes. He also said, they as a party believe in the rule of law and all other provisions stipulated in the law books of Sierra Leone; adding that they would seek redress through the right channel in the event there is any discrepancy in the process. He was quick to state however that so far the process has been good. He went on to state that so far, the APC has won the majority seats in parliament with 71 seats; which he added is an advantage for the APC to control the parliament.

In his brief statement, Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay, said they are aware of the intimidations faced by their supporters and encouraged them to restrain themselves while he reassured them that their party (the APC) is confident of winning the elections.

John Bonoh Sisay made similar sentiments. The climax of the press conference was a question and answer session. Responding to questions, the various speakers reiterated their confidence in the APC winning the election without a run-off.

But Abdulai Bayraytay and Ambassador Yansaneh informed the press that in the event of a run-off the APC is psychologically prepared to face the runoff, adding that they are willing to even talk with Samuel Samsumana for him and his supporters to return to the APC by supporting the APC in the event there is a run-off.

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