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In Sierra Leone: is SLPP threatening to bring back another war in the country?

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In Sierra Leone: is SLPP threatening to bring back another war in the country?


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Neither will they have money to pay for a passport to escape from the wrath of the warmonger politicians. That are always desperate to grab political power in the country by all means possible. These unpatriotic and unnationalistic so-call Sierra Leoneans some of them have more than one passports to escape to Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Australia, Europe and America for the safety of their lives and family. Leaving the vulnerable Sierra Leoneans killing one another, while they will be enjoying with their wives and children abroad as it was in the case of Foday Sankoh and others brutal war period.

In view of that whenever, I hear or heard any individual or group talking about another war or violence in the country I will NOT compromise with such people, because I know what war means in a country. War kills innocent poor people, including children, war brings backwardness of a country because of the destruction of lives and properties that it normally cause. Therefore, war is a great enemy of peace and development of any country. As result I do believe that any peace, unity, progress and development loving Sierra Leonean will not like to hear about war comments again in the country, especial those who have suffered directly or indirectly from Foday Sankoh and others 11years satanic wicked war.


Therefore, if I may ask a few rhetorical questions: during Foday Sankoh and his Green Book Lieutenants war who suffered most? Was it not the poor and defenceless innocent people in the country that suffered the brunt of the wicked politicians’ war mechanism? How many politicians that died during the brutal civil of its kind in the country? Were they not been protected by securities? While others ran away to foreign countries because they had money at the time? When AFRC booted out SLPP government in 1997 because of its impotency who were the victims of circumstance in the country? You know them more than I do, so please help me name those who suffered most during the war.

So if you allow the desperate power hungry warmonger politicians to brain wash you again through the use of tribalism and regionalism or by the use of their usual sugar-coated words  you will have no one to blame but yourselves. If you tend to forget about your suffering during the 11-year war in the country, I would like to draw your attention to what is currently happing in Southern Sudan and Middle-East. Just open your satellite TVs and watch how poor innocent children and women are suffering with their parents for a cause not of their own making, especially in Southern Sudan. But the making of just a few selfish, greedy and power hungry politicians. That are currently making the lives of powerless and defenceless poor people perish in Sudan. Because they want to satisfy their greedy unpatriotic selfish political ambitions. To achieve their evil political aims they tribalised and regionalised the war at the expense of the poor nation in Sudan. In view of that SIERRA LEONEANS, PLEASE SAY A BIG NO TO WAR.

What I am really trying to bring to the attention of my readers, especially peace and development oriented Sierra Leoneans is that, there is an audio clip that is making the rounds in the internet for the past few weeks or months. Allegedly made by an SLPP supporter whose name in the clip is Lahai Lawrence Leema. And I made to understand that he is the acting SLPP Spokesman. Who is threatening that if APC create an atmosphere of war in the country the SLPP is ready to execute it. Can he tell Sierra Leoneans what type of war atmosphere that APC will create and SLPP will endorse?

 I am asking the questions because I’m not sure  if he,  Lahai Lawrence Leema as individual SLPP supporter, if he is to be beaten up by a single APC supporter, he means the entire SLPP membership would declare war against the poor innocent people in the country because of him? Or he means when APC wins the coming elections which his “Nambara” SLPP is not hopping of wining such elections? Or they, SLPP will incite or ignite violence in the country and when APC react

 they will call for all-out war at the expense of the innocent people whose Foday Sankoh war trauma is still lingering in their minds? I also heard him bragging that he is a well disciplined and well trained professional man. In my view, I  don’t think that is true, because I think a well disciplined and a well trained professional man will always chooses his or her words when speaking to the public or knows when and how to say things in public.

One hard fact that one cannot dispute about the Sierra Leone People’s Party is that there are people in the party that have high respect for individuals and authorities. And also with patriotic, nationalistic attitudes and behaviours towards the country’s peace and development. These members that have very good moral values among them always put the country’s interest first than those who always think and feel that the only way their party will make a comeback to governance is by using violence or war against the poor people of Sierra Leone. Which of course by the power of God Almighty it is a dream that will NEVER, NEVER become true again in the country. The fact is, he, God will sure expose them.

In view of that, Mr Acting SLPP spokesman please beware of your words. If you want to impress your kith and kin, that should not be at the expense of the poor and powerless people in the country. Or if you want them to fully appoint you as spokesman, not unless you try to invoke another war in the country. I do believe that many of the patriotic peace and development loving SLPP members were not happy about your war comments in the country.

The reason being you are dragging the good reputation of their party to the dustbin. Is your SLPP part don’t believe in living with peace and hard work for the people of Sierra Leone? Are they only depending on making war remarks or violence to put more trauma on the already traumatised poor masses? Will such attitudes and behaviours take you and your SLPP to State House in 2018? NO WAY. Sierra Leoneans will never tolerate warmongers again in the country. The fact is Sierra Leoneans, Mr Spokesman are tired of war or violence, especially the shedding of their brothers and sisters blood for ungrateful politicians.

Therefore they need peace, stability and development in the country. As a result, they prefer to live in poverty with peace than living in a war situation that no one will dare talk about human rights, freedom of expression or media freedom violations. If you and your unpatriotic and unnationalistic SLPP members have some evil agenda in your selves against the country, especially in connection with the 2018 pending elections, please throw them away. Sierra Leoneans are NO longer fools. They know what war did to them.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to all patriotic and nationalistic peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad to closely keep eyes on SLPP movement in the country. The BIG question is how can SLPP as a political  party desperately wants to lead and rule a country with a population of 7m people, while they cannot even able to control themselves as a formidable opposition party in the country.

They cannot control their membership that is not even up to 2m if I am not mistaking. What miracle are they going to use to win the 2018 pending elections? Is it by using war threat remarks? Time will tell. They are scattered like the seed sower parable in the Holy Bible. Pleas brothers and sisters peace and development loving Sierra Leoneans let us continue to wage war against war, violence, tribalism and regional promoters, particularly by exposing them.

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