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 As a peace and development oriented Sierra Leonean and lover of the current ongoing massive development in the country through President Koroma’s government, I became interested in the clip.  And at the same time, I was also became worried and more deeply interested in the video.  The fact is, I was too anxious to know the message she has for President Koroma and his APC government supporters. Particularly because of the distressful calling of Sierra Leoneans to listen to her message in the clip.

As a result of such calling, I started asking myself questions.  I said what type of good news or bad did the so-call Zainab has for good patriotic Sierra Leoneans that love their country?Wouldshe going to bring us an Angel’s good news or message from Heaven? Or she is just another Ebola loose cannon enemy of peace and unity in the country? Nonetheless I took my time to carefully listen to the Ebola loose cannon Zainab to grab her politically concocted –lie, lie message in her video clip.

In her video clip,the message for President Koroma and his APC government supporters was that, President Koroma signed a document with the Belgium government to deport all Sierra Leoneans living in Belgium according to her.

The APC political enemy, Zainab Ebola loose cannon of peace and development in the country was talking as if it was really true. She was also talking as if the alleged signed document by President Koroma was in her hand to satisfy her kin and thin political manipulators. Ebola virus Zainab was really trying to force Sierra Leoneans, especially those who cannot wisely think for themselves to believe what she was saying.She allowed herself to be used like tools of stupidity at her own expense by the unpatriotic power hungry disarray destructive politicians in and out of the country.

When I finished listened to the politically made up story so-called message, I further asked myself more questions: I said, how possible for President Koroma to instruct the Belgium government to deport his own people?  How can President Koroma, a very gentle and generous man, himself will sign such a document without his Embassy? Because according to the lie, lie Ebola virus Zainab, the deportation document itself was signed by President Koroma.

For God sake, how can a president of a country tells a government of another country to deport His own people, especially when they are not criminals or wanted by the police in his country? The fact is, even if they are wanted by police, there must be certain procedures to follow for their deportation.

But not like how the lie, lie dangerous Ebola Virus Zainab was talking in her politically made up video clip storymessage. She was talking like she was paid for the dirty job. To tarnish the good image of President Koroma and the APC government good work in the country for self-political destructive benefit at the expense of the nation.

She forgot that Sierra Leoneans in Belgium or anywhere in the world cannot just be deported like that without committing heinous crime. Therefore, President Koroma has nopower or right to tell the government of Belgium to deport his people without committing serious crime in his country. The fact is that Belgium is a sovereign State. Therefore no country can influence its decision.  Likewise no government of another country has the power or right to tell President Koroma to deport their citizens without committing any criminal offence in their home countries.

One of the big questions now is, the man, Sam-Sumana, the former vice president of Sierra Leone who openly told Sierra Leoneans all over the world that if he is not reinstated as vice president, he would wage war against the poor innocent and defenceless suffering Sierra Leoneans in the country.

President Ernest Bai Koroma did not ask the Ghanaian government to deport him for making such outrageous threat that caused trauma, panic and distressin the minds of the already traumatised suffering masses by Foday Sankoh and others post war and also by the recent Ebola virus crisis in the country. A threat that any peace, unity and development loving Sierra Leoneans should not take lightly because of our past bitter experience.

 Why only those in Belgium who have absolutely nothing to do with His government and his people? No one ever heard them making any unpatriotic outrageous threat like that of Sam-Suman, which might have led to their deportation.

When President Donald Trump of America is deporting or preventing foreigners fromentering his country, who told him to do that? Is it President Koroma?

Zainab, do you really know or understand what you are talking about? I am sorry to say, you were not properly being spoon-feed by your political manipulators. Therefore, I will kindly asking you to go back and ask them about how the international politics operates. Or you go back to a political science school class to learn more about international politics.

Ebola loose cannon Zainab, according to what I gathered from your so-called message, it is a completely made up lie, lie video clip to tarnish the president’s reputation and his government because elections are coming. Therefore, you and your political manipulators are trying to put bitterness in the minds of Sierra Leoneans against President Koroma and the APC as a party.

The hard fact is, any honest good thinking patriotic Sierra Leonean that listen to the so-called Zainab video clip online message will tell you that it is a politically manipulated story message video clip to destroy President Koroma and his APC government because  elections are coming as I said.Therefore, she and her political manipulators were trying to put a sharp knife between Sierra Leonean voters against President Koroma and the APC government.

Belgium is a sovereign nation of itself, how can it receive instruction of such nature from President Koroma who is also in another sovereign state? Is the fake dangerous Ebola virus Zainab knows what she is talking about as I asked her before? Is she really sound? If yes, why should she allow herself being used by unpatriotic power hungry politicians in and out of the country that can burn a whole house or village to kill a single rat?

However, to make sure that I expose the Ebola virus Zainab’s lies in her video clip message online, I contacted the Presidential Spokesperson, Abulai Bayraytay in Freetown from Australia through a phone callto cross check the allegation made by the so-called Zainab in her video clip message online against President Koroma.

Bayraytay said “Tony Bee, it is a dam lie that that girl was lying. President Koroma did not sign any document with the Belgium government to deport Sierra Leoneans living in Belgium. Belgium is a sovereign state, it has its own laws. How President Koroma can tell the Belgium government to deport Sierra Leoneans without any cause? It is just too ironical.Therefore, it is a politically manipulated wicked lies. President Koroma is a very decentand peaceful gentleman. He loves his people. Therefore, he will not allow himself to be messedup by any individual or group” said Mr. Bayraytay.

 In my view, I think the state securities, especially the police have the right to invite Zainab to produce the deportation document that President Koroma signed for the deportation of Sierra Leoneans living in Belgium. And the immigration should produce the alleged 10 Sierra Leoneans that been deported in the country from Belgium because of President Koroma alleged signed document.

Or they should work together with the Belgium immigration authorities to get access to the alleged deported 10 Sierra Leoneans documents because to me, it is a complete criminal act that Zainab has committed. She was trying to stir up unrest situation in the country against President Koroma and his APC government at the detriment of the defenseless poor people.

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