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Journalist Ibrahim Samura was Murdered but who and who killed him?

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Journalist Ibrahim Samura was Murdered but who and who killed him?


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A frontpage commentary by Pastor Mohamed Sesay

Out of sight and out of mind. This seems to have become the lot for our late brother and colleague in the media field in Sierra Leone, Ibrahim BrimaSamura whose life was unfairly snatched from him 3 years ago.

As the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists celebrates its 50 years of existence, it must ponder more on the thorny paths it tread over the past 50 years.

Listening to the pioneers of SLAJ, Mrs Daisy Bona and Mrs Bernadette Cole, speak, one just knows that journalism in Sierra Leone was never easy from the beginning.

All credit must go to those who held the fort in all those 50 years to make sure that journalism survives in one piece despite all the persecutions it went through.

Before journalist Ibrahim Samura who was an active member of SLAJ, died  alone at 34 Military Hospital, Wilberforce, 3 years ago, he narrated to many people including colleague journalists, how he was beaten black and blue by certain individuals which, according to the autopsy, was to lead to his untimely death with him leaving behind many unfinished projects.

Arrests were to be made later and even very late which eventually led to the trial of 2 people for his murder.

Those people were found not guilty because, as far as the law stands, truth is not sacrosanct but evidence is which is fair enough.

Jurors in the matter never got sufficient evidence to pronounce a guilt verdict so they did exactly as the law says.

Yes those who stood trial have walked free because of lack of sufficient evidence so who then killed Samura?

Other names were named by him but those people are still beyond the reach of the law.

SLAJ must now begin to ask questions about the lot of Samura. Must his life be taken as an ordinary sacrifice or must those responsible pay for what they did to him?

But then again will there be sufficient evidence to convict?

If no then let SLAJ forever has Samura in its remembrance as it has Harry Yansaneh.

But as for those who killed him, The Greatest Judge shall one day pass His verdict on them.

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