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Juliana SamaFornah Implicated in Diamond Fraud

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Juliana SamaFornah Implicated in Diamond Fraud


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By Mustapha Jusu

A young woman named Juliana Sama Fornah, formerly of 1 Kamanda –Fornah Drive, Baoma in Goderich, Freetown, has been implicated and hunted for an alleged fraud of 64 Carat Pieces of Diamond valued $84,000, owned by a British Diamond Dealer and Businessman, Jason Barrett.

According to reports gathered by this reporter, Juliana is the elder sister to a lady called Esther Marian Fornahwho works as a Mines Compliance Officer of the Sierra Leone National Minerals Agency (NMA) attached to the Freetown International Airport in Lungi prior to the incident.

Reports say on 26th April 2021, at Freetown International Airport Lungi, Esther conspired together with Jabbie Sheriff, Eddie Harry Taylor, Mr Kamara, Abdul and other persons unknown to defraud Jason the pieces of diamonds. Esther was arrested by the Sierra Leone Police, helping in the investigations while the other accused persons took to their heels and have not been seen to date.

Rumors now have it that before being arrested and detained by police, Esther had secretly handed over the Pieces of Diamonds to her sister Juliana who was staying with her at their family house on Kamanda –Fornah Drive, Baoma in Goderich, Freetown.

For this, a wild searched was declared by the court, police and community people for Juliana who reports say has disappeared into thin air after knowing that she is being widely hunted.

The hunt for Juliana has become more intense, especially from friends and relatives of the other accused persons implicated in the same matter, who are now on the run.

This medium learnt that the residence of Juliana and Esther was last month ransacked allegedly by angry thugs suspected to be loyalists of the other accused persons. They are claiming that Esther stolen the Diamonds, hand them over to her sister Juliana and now want to wrongly named their relatives in the matter.

The caretaker that was guarding the residence was manhandled and beating because he failed to show the whereabouts of Juliana and also attempted to prevent the thugs from looting the house.Reports say the house situated at Kamanda –Fornah Drive, Baoma in Goderich, Freetown was the only asset inherited by Juliana and Esther from their late father.

Esther is currently detained on remand at the National Correctional Center in Freetown while standing trialson two counts of Conspiracy to Defraud contrary to Law and Larceny contrary to Section 32(1) of the Larceny Act 1916,while the other suspects are all on the run. If she is found guilty for the offences,Esther will be given a life imprisonment.

However, by some indications, the matter before the court has taken a dramatic twist. Investigations by this reporter have shown that there has been a very serious political interest in the matter.

Court sources say the allegedly dumped British Diamond Dealer and Businessman, Jason Barrett has been a key financier of senior politicians in Sierra Leone, including some top politicians in the current government.

Reports say born from parents who are members and strong supporters of the former APC government, Juliana and Esther have been seen as enemies of the ruling government, following the fact that they are northerners and supporters of the APC government now serving as the main opposition to the ruling government.

Latest ugly developments in the country’s political landscape, especially now that its national elections are fast approaching and anything ugly can happen, will leave no one with the doubt that hells will loose on Juliana and Esther in this matter even if they are not found guilty and this is simply because they are Northerners and strong supporters of the APC government.

A matter before the court right now involving an opposition APC party Member of Parliament accused of being in possession of guns; the rampant arrests, tortures and detentions of opposition APC members, supporters and activistsacross the country by government officials for questioning the sitting president violations of human rights; the beating of a mad man (Blacker) few weeks ago by the ruling government loyalists; among other recent violations of basic human rights by the current government against opposition members and loyalists will bring no doubt that Juliana’s and Esther’sfate are in God’s hands.

Concerns now are on the whereabouts of Juliana, as many people believe she might have been seeking refuge in some neighboring countries for fear of being caught by her hunters.

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