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KKY Supporters Naked Maada Bio

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KKY Supporters Naked Maada Bio


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The Yumkella guys say Kandeh Yumkella last week returned home to a triumphant welcome with thousands of supporters dancing the streets of Freetown with him whiles Maada Bio arrived few days later to a disappointing crowd.

They said the talk of the town is Kandeh Yumkella’s arousing and passionate address to thousands of supporters who followed his motorcade through the streets of Freetown and finally settled down to hear him speak.

“He looked like Africa’s finest leader in white. Pick a statesman from any other African nation, Kandeh Yumkella would outshine, outperform, and outclass them. Although not an angel, Kandeh is God’s answer to the Sierra Leonean prayer for an upright leader. One thing that is already evident, no other candidate in the race for Sierra Leone’s presidency is more abreast with the tough issues facing the nation than Kandeh Yumkella. The hundreds of thousands who had gathered to welcome him back home after crisscrossing the globe were electrified, ecstatic, and thrilled” the KKY crew said.

The KKY team described Bio as a ‘Persona Non-Grata’ to the United States, noting that his travels are limited only to ECOWAS nations as international tours whiles KKY tours the world as he wishes.

The KKY guys say it was an appalling turnout to welcome Bio, which they believed was the outcome of not properly vetting the candidate of a major party.

They said it was a clear manifestation that SLPP supporters lack interest in Bio so as a result, every appearance becomes a turnoff instead of ramping up campaign support.

They said the disappointment at the national stadium was so great on Bio’s face that one could sense utter disgust and madness in his voice as he addresses the handful of people that came out to welcome him on the day.

The KKY supporters further alleged that a diehard Bio supporter that was part of the boycotted said: “Bio fooled us in 2012 after a similar trip claiming he was just returning from the US. A pro-SLPP newspaper was so embarrassed after publishing the headlines about Bio’s US travel, which they had to retract. This time around we are not willing to endure any redundant humiliation for him”.

They said Julius Maada Bio is in the race for presidency to give the ruling All Peoples Congress an easy third term victory, adding that it is an insult to compare Dr. Kandeh Yumkella to Julius Maada Bio.

The KKYs say it is an idiomatic illustration of the opposite dimension of both campaigns, adding that Bio’s presidential bid is heading downhill; the wind has been knocked off his sail and that after March 2018, he will drop out of sight for good.

They went on that: “Dr. Kandeh Yumkella’s bid for Sierra Leone’s presidency is gaining speed. Yes, it is an uphill battle for him. He keeps demonstrating his readiness to lead Sierra Leone. The interviews he gave in the US, UK, and other countries make him more appealing to the worldwide body of Sierra Leoneans.

Whereas Bio thinks leading the country is the reward for his services 20 years ago (3 months in total) in 1996, Dr. Yumkella sees his leadership of the nation as “a labor of love” for his Sierra Leonean people.”

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