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Lunsar Elections: Who is Who?

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Lunsar Elections: Who is Who?


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3. Pa Santhikie Bangura – works for the Political Affairs Ministry. He has little or no support in Lunsar. This may not be unconnected with his long stint in the Diaspora and apparent lack of touch with his people.

4. Zainab Sheriff Bangura – lived for over 20 years in the UK/US. She holds a Masters degree. She has had little contact with the people hence, her very little presence. She was however very active in the fight against Ebola in her district and this probably has earned her some admirers.

5. Bai Bai Kabia – worked for the UN. He failed to win a Councillor seat in previous elections. No presence.

6. David Kabia – an IMC Commissioner. He Contested in 2007 for the same seat but lost to Hon. Daramy. He owns Villa Park -a restaurant and pub in Lunsar. He screens Premier League matches and his constant engagement with youths has accorded him some presence.

7. Liz Mans – She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Njala University. She counts on her father’s good name, having served as head of the influential Baptist Mission for nearly two decades. She has a very minimal presence in the Constituency but enjoys the support of key players within the APC. She is a long serving leader of the APC Women’s Congress.

8. Osman Karankay – upon completing Secondary School, taught at a primary school for three years. A philanthropist and an agriculturist, he is adorned by many people in Lunsar. Many believe he can win the seat if he chooses to go as an independent candidate. He was SLPP but cross- carpeted to APC after the 2007 elections and this move virtually crippled SLPP influence in that constituency. He was reported to have pioneered the employment of young people in Lunsar at London Mining.

9. Rugitau Neneh Turay – was once despised by her own people because of her stance on FGM. She was however “pardoned” after a government intervention. Her gender activism has ensured she championed quite a number of meaningful projects on women’s empowerment and girl-child education. She is highly educated and her social engagements has made her arguably one of the most influential woman in Port Loko District. We learnt she is also eyeing the District Council seat.

10) Abu Bakarr Koroma (Sakito) – is a former school principal who resigned his job to contest in 2012. He did not get back his job. His past pupils have grown up to provide him the relevant presence in Lunsar.

Below is our top five Popularity Scale:

1. Osman Karankay

2. Rugiatu Neneh

3) Zainab Sheriff Bangura

4) Abu Bakarr Koroma (Sakito)

5. David Kabia

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