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‘Master of War’ Awarded for Excellence

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‘Master of War’ Awarded for Excellence


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An Academic Achievement Awards for Abass Sesay who did not give up in life.

“Congratulations to you brother as your sad story touches everyone who came across your story as you made it that far as a victim from a senseless violence Civil war that claimed more 50,000 Sierra Leoneans lives that ended more than decade ago. You proved that, there is ability in disability.”

After a long journey to success, Abass dictated a piece titled: “Don’t give up, stay strong”to all that witnessed that brutal war and those of you who out there struggling with different situations related to life.

“Don’t give up, stay strong” is a piece he dedicated to all who feels despair and afraid.

Bore under the darkness that awakes the shadows of the night laid a little boy on the arms of his mother who had loved him even before his heart was formed, hands with the tenderness that can lay all the chaos of the world to rest, her mind became a cathedral giving thanks and praises for such a beautiful boy.

“Abass” she whispered my name to echo the land she loves.

Mama, so happy to see her little toddler tipping his toes, learning to say his first words, his mindset a free, it could journey beyond the edge of the earth. But then, the horror came. Masters of War, with their shackles mentality cuff in chains they came bringing horror at our doorsteps, set into display their art of chaos, they use booms and explosives to rain down colorful terror, you came killing dreams for what?

Well, here is the real cost of the “Blood Diamond Sierra Leone.” I find myself hiding in my own little space, alone and afraid to look at myself in the face, I lose a hand to this senseless war but Mama loose far worse; her Husband and mother were killed, as if it was not enough she was stripped of her confidence, Esteem devours, Mama was raped. No wonder she suffers this mood swing, for I can but only imagine how much pain she disguises so well just to give a little hope to her dimming star, once this beauty the moment she saw me breath.

Truth is, though I have been casualties in many battles even after the war, I was never angry nor afraid to become who I was meant to be. Like a nightmare they invaded my dreams and even though I slumber in my sleep I still have to hold on to these dreams for they told me change was coming and eventually it did.

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