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MCCU Speaks on MCC Scorecard

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MCCU Speaks on MCC Scorecard


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Madam Fatu Koroma was speaking on the significance of the MCC scorecard 2020 to Sierra Leone at the weekly Ministry of Information and Communication press conference held at Youyi Building in Freetown. 

Since its establishment in 2004 the MCC scorecard was generated by the Millennium Challenge Cooperation to work with countries that meet certain criteria to develop programs that will alleviate poverty. 

She added that the scorecard is made up of 20 different indicators and that they cover three broad categories; ruling justly, investing in citizens and economic freedom.

“Even if a country were to pass 19 of the 20 indicators; if the indicators of the scorecard do not include control of corruption that country has failed,” she said.

She noted that the MCC is able to assess a country’s performance through Growth National Income (GNI) and political rights and that the performance is assessed by third party assessor to ensure fairness and transparency, citing that every single country has a score tabulated by the MCC to become a medium score.

She further that it is the second time that Sierra Leone has passed the scorecard in MCC history and that they have engaged with the MCC for several years hoping that they can strengthen and build the partnership.

MCC in 2015 according to Madam Fatu Koroma set up an implementing entity to implement a 44.4 million US dollars grant known as threshold program designed to lay foundation for the financial viable provision of electricity and water services in Freetown.

“The threshold program is for countries that do their best to meet the requirement of the scorecard and making the appropriate effort that don’t meet the target” she said.

She added that they have been implementing the 44.4 million US dollar threshold program, adding that now that Sierra Leone has passed the scorecard they are now in line to be able to achieve the big prize that will be transformative and alleviate poverty.

She continued to say that Sierra Leone is eligible for a compact for meeting the minimum requirement which is to pass the scorecard, disclosing further that MCC can choose whether or not to give Sierra Leone a compact and that decision is made by a board that meets in December.

She further noted that the MCC compact process is country-led and should have data to inform decision making.

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