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Minister & Coach in ‘Mammy Cuss’ Scandal!

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Minister & Coach in ‘Mammy Cuss’ Scandal!


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Is that not a typical example of a season film? Oh you think that is an action film, right?! Okay, I will not argue on that. This is simply because ‘film na film’. Whether it features Mara and Clara or Jet Lee or Rambo or Jackie Appiah or Sam Loco, a movie is a movie, full stop. Why are you smiling now? Hahahahaha!!! So you think I am talking about Sam Loco in Sierra Leone? Hahahahaha again! Please don’t distract me. I am talking about the legal Sam Loco. Yes e! If you have any Sam Loco in Sierra Leone, then he falls under the category of pirated, illegal, or Chinese Sam Loco. The original Sam Loco is or was a Nollywood star. ‘Na dem dae act dem comedy Nigeria film dem’. So you are still insisting that you have a Sam Loco in Sierra Leone eh? Hold your breath my human friends. I can tell you with authority that what you have is the photocopy version or replica or copy and paste Sam Loco. ‘Na fiba dem fiba bo’.

Anyway let me concentrate on my topic before you begin to ask me who is Sam Loco’s replica in Sierra Leone. In fact ‘sef’ I will never answer to that question because the answer is obvious. All of you know the answer. I kept wondering why humans ask questions that they have answers to. Is that not hypocritical? You don’t really know the twin brother of Sam Loco in Sierra Leone? Then it simply means that you don’t know your leaders. That is all I will say. And I will say no more on this. If you still want to discuss Sam Loco, go to State House.

Let me talk briefly about the ‘cuss cuss’ saga before I talk about fraud. The Ariogbo Kingdom received with utmost disappointment and shock and amazement and amusement ‘back’ the audio recording of the human sports minister and the national team coach exchanging and raining ‘mammy cusses’ like nobody’s business. Oh yes! It has happened in Sierra Leone. And this is not the first time such is happening and will definitely not be the last time. I am talking about Paul Kamara e! Oh yes! The same Paul that once announced for the attention of the media and the general public that chickens are more expensive than precious women in the human kingdom. What insult, I heard somebody saying. But of course nothing came out of that. That utterance is prominently in the history books of the human kingdom as one of the contemptuous ‘buff cases’ Sierra Leone is notorious for, especially when it comes to acts of impunity perpetrated by those in authority. This Ariogbo will never forgive itself if my Ariogbo daughter ever got access to that audio recording. I will not have mercy upon myself for giving birth to an Ariogbo daughter in a human kingdom wherein a ‘one-whole’ minister will rain abusive languages on the phone. Like really?! And this will end up as another ‘buff case?’ World Best, we are watching with anxiety. In fact ‘sef’ we are not really watching, we are hoping for an action soon. Did I really say hope?! Well, consider it a slip of tongue. I meant to say we are expecting an action from Mr. President right now. I wonder why I am finding it difficult to use the right adjective to describe our status on this matter. Okay, let me try again. We are waiting for a tough action on this Mr. President. In fact ‘sef’ Mr. President take action now. Now I have said exactly what I wanted to say.

And as for you Sherrington, what are you waiting for? Do you think you still have the moral standing to lead the human national team? Why can’t you just resign honorably? But again, an honorable human will not release such ‘mammy cuss’ from his vocal cavity the way you did. So why is the football association finding it very difficult to just show you the exit door? Oh yes! Your crime in the Ariogbo kingdom is tantamount to immediate termination of your service, ‘with beat back o’. ‘Na so really you sabi leggo cuss?’ Don’t worry Sherrington; we are going to hire you in the Ariogbo Kingdom immediately your human contract is terminated.

We need trained and qualified ‘mammy cussers’ in our kingdom. Sherrington will definitely head the Ariogbo Mammy Cuss team as Head Coach.

And since Paul is also on record to ‘leggo bad bad cuss’ on radio, he is also going to get a job in the Ariogbo Government as the Minister of ‘Mammy Cuss’. Send your applications now before we change our minds.

In fact ‘sef’I am not going to talk about fraud today because ‘me heart don warm already’. Goodbye!!!

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