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Mohamed Bangura is not a Saint but not a devil either!

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Mohamed Bangura is not a Saint but not a devil either!


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Mohamed Bangura is not a saint but not a devil. He is not the first and will not be the last. He is not the author of political defection and cannot be the finisher. The fundamentals of politics in Sierra Leone have been calculatingly undermined by politicians who should guard those ideals. The political atmosphere in the country following the new cabinet reshuffle announcement by the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has been disfigured with unwarranted debate under the wing and guise of democracy.

Sierra Leone like all other democratic states across the globe is governed by the Rule of Law; necessitating the separation of power and uphold the tenets of democracy. The danger in the abuse of democracy far outweighs the atrocities of an authoritarian rule. Onetime President of the United States, George Washington Bush says “the danger of inaction is greater than the danger of action”

Evidently, Mohamed Bangura is not a saint but definitely not a devil; equating him to the rest of the Sierra Leonean Politicians claiming that their interest is Sierra Leone and the people. I have diagnosed every politician of suffering from political hypochondria which affects their reasoning ability either by time, situation or financial strength. The appointment of Mohamed Bangura has sparked up controversial deliberations across the corridor of the media (mainstream and social) by political rivals, civil society activists and legal persons; all of whom have got no legal backing (except the supreme court or parliament) of interpreting the country’s 1991 Constitution which will guide me to resist the urge of commenting on his eligibility to hold his appointed office (Information and Communications’ Ministry)

Mr. Mohamed Bangura, erstwhile Leader and Chairman of the United Democratic Movement and the All Political Parties Association is evidently loved by the people of Sierra Leone and favored by a huge number of the political population. That love for him has been demonstrated in every position he has served.

It is a biblical command that as a people we should not judge others so we will not be condemned. With that in mind, I have seen and heard derogatory pictorials and statements against the personality of Mohamed Bangura. That in itself is aim at ridiculing his personality.

While one would want to advance argument under the pretext of democracy that freedom of expression is a fundamental and constitutional right encapsulated in the Constitution of Sierra Leone, we should also take into consideration that there are limitations to that right. I am a strong advocate for the expulsion of the criminalization of the seditious libel law enshrined in the 1965 Public Order Act. Painting Mohamed Bangura as a political devil is nothing but diabolical.

The flame for political power burns in the heart of every politician. Therefore, several routes could be exhausted in the quest to attain that power. What is disturbing is the fact that we have joined the wagon of the politicians in their mission for power and forget the social issues our mothers, sisters, brothers, children and the rest are confronted with in Sierra Leone today. When you expect morality and uprightness from politicians then you are as well could be indicted for deception.  


Mohamed Bangura I repeat is not a saint but not a devil!!!

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