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NATCOM expands telecommunications

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NATCOM expands telecommunications


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The National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) was established by an Act of Parliament to regulate the Sierra Leone telecoms sector, protect consumer interest and ensure fair competition among service providers.

Minister of State North, Alie Kamara said the commissioning of the tower at Yagala Bafodia was an important day for inhabitants in that part of the nation, as he stated that the day can be considered as an independent for the chiefdom. He mentioned that people are not going to walk long distance to deliver message, but that could be done via the mobile phones.

He applauded NATCOM for their relentless effort in connecting villages and towns across the country and that Momoh Konteh should be called Momoh Connectivity, owing to the fact that Momoh happened to be determined to connect each and every Sierra Leonean.

“It’s a development for the people of this district and chiefdom to connect with the rest of the world.” Alie Kamara added.

The people of the two chiefdoms (Yagala Bafodia and the Gimy Bagbo)  in Koinadugu and Bo districts respectively are now part of the global village that can promote development.

Chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), Momoh Konteh stated that the network tends to improve the lives of people and fostering easy access to other developmental sectors in the country, through a reasonable means of mobile connectivity.

Momoh Konteh highlighted that Telecommunications had been the path way that will take development in every part of the country, as many people see telecommunications as a right not privilege, adding that trade and education could grow as a result of mobile connectivity in the chiefdoms across the country.

Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Hon. Victor Bockarie Foh applauded NATCOM and the mobile companies for their relentless effort in reaching every part of the country, especially in the outskirt villages across the nation.  He mentioned that the APC government will continue to provide the enabling environment for NAATCOM and the mobile companies to reach everyone in the country.

“My government will place mobile communication in the hands of Pa Kamara in Bombali,  Mammy Boima in Bo and each and every Sierra Leoneans living in his/her localities across the nation” V.P Foh ascertained.

Chief Executive Officer, Africell mobile company Shadi Al-Gerjawi stated that the process to erect the towers in that part of the country was cumbersome task. He encouraged the people to utilize the provision, as he reiterated that the people now have the world in their hands through communication, adding that they could achieve a lot with the aid of telecommunications.

“Our work is to provide the best service for the people of this nation.” Gerjawi confirmed.

Constituency 47 Honorable Member of Parliament Mohamed, Mansaray admonished the people to be prudent in the utilization of the network and that the provided services should be utilized for enhancing development. 

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