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National Grand Coalition Joins the Race

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National Grand Coalition Joins the Race


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A press conference followed immediately at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, where the party’s Interim Publicity Secretary, Imran Sillah and Chairman Dr. Bright presented NGC to the Fourth Estate and the public at large. Chairman Bright explained the purpose for the establishment of NGC, meaning of the Party logo, colors of the Party, and the election of a flagbearer and other aspirants.

According to its Chairman and Leader, the National Grand Coalition was established to challenge the failed political status quo in Sierra Leone, which has been fostered by the two oldest political parties that continue to mismanage our resources and inflict poverty on our people. NGC is here to end regio-ethnic politics that have divided our people for so long. NGC aims to provide an alternative for all Sierra Leoneans to end suffering with hope, opportunity and Transformation. In the words of Dr. Bright: HOPE for a better tomorrow for all Sierra Leoneans; OPPORTUNITY for all, particularly the youths, to achieve their potential and contribute to the growth and development of the nation; and TRANSFORMATION of our country from its present beggarly status to a prosperous state with happy and contented people, serving as a beacon of light on the continent.

In defining the NGC logo, motorbike and rider carrying the scales of justice with an electric bulb on one side and a hoe on the other, the Chairman and Leader explained that it symbolizes enlightenment, education, energy, and dignity in labour. Dr. Bright added that the motorbike and rider also signify speed and maneuverability. The decision to have motorbike and rider as part of the NGC logo was well thought out because the Party’s focus is the common Sierra Leonean. The colors of NGC, according to the Chairman and Leader, are multicolored (green, red, gold, blue, black, and white). Dr. Bright, however, clarified that NGC is not interested in playing color politics because such politics failed the country in the past 56 years and continues to be divisive. The multicolored approach is a demonstration of inclusiveness and a call to focus on issues rather than cheap political divides.

The interim executive explained that the NGC Constitution makes clear how to elect its flagbearer and aspirants for Parliament and local government positions. The Chairman and Leader emphasized that NGC is interested in awarding its symbol to aspirants who have the support of their constituents. Dr. Bright announced that Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is the only person who has expressed interest in being the Party’s presidential candidate for now. The Party’s Interim National Trustee Council (INTC) will soon meet to elect its presidential candidate.

Members of the Press and the general public were thanked for attending a very successful press conference on the birth of a “new force” in Sierra Leone. The able Chairman and Leader concluded by saying that NGC is prepared to challenge the failed establishments and win the 2018 presidential election. Supporters of NGC continued to the Party’s office in Tengbeh Town where the celebrations of victory will continue to March 2018 when NGC enters State House with hope, opportunity and transformation.

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